Friday, October 31, 2014

Punkin Hat


Hi Friends!  It’s another beautiful Autumn day in Kansas City!  Are you here yet? 

I made that cute little punkin hat last night!  I am loving the multi-needle knitting in the round way of making hats!


I also finished up my cowl neck-scarf thingy.  This one was knitted in-the-round using a continuous circular needle.  (I doubt that’s the official name but if you knit, you know what I mean)


We got ourselves together yesterday morning, ate some breakfast….


….and got to the gym.


I really love the stair mill but, as the saying goes, if you don’t use it – you lose it!

I don’t do a lot of cardio except for my spin class because I LOVE cardio and I will very quickly abandon the weights and obsess over cardio if I allow it.  So, I warm up and cool down on cardio machines, but when I go to the gym I stick to the weights.   I hopped on the stair mill the other day and only lasted 5 minutes.

I mean, sucking wind after 5 minutes!

I was shocked and appalled. That’s not going to work.


Yesterday I made myself stay on it for 15 minutes no matter how much my lungs cried out for help.  I had to take breaks.  And I don’t mean slow down. I mean, press stop and pray to the universe that I don’t fall off and break my nose. 

That is my fear for everything now….that I will pass out, fall and break my nose.  I blame Body Pump.


Ha! Had to bring Brutus back.  He’s always looking at me like I am annoying him.

But back to our day.

It felt really good to get 15 minutes on the stair-mill and I was nice and sweaty for our car ride home.

When the question has to be asked, in the car on the way home, “Is that smell me or you?”, we both know we did good in the gym.

Back at home, I powered down some soup.


My intention was to run some errands before our clients got home,  but I got side tracked.


And cleaned out my purse!  My strap broke from the weight of it all.

One more thing!

I already showed off the hat I made for my newest nephew, Maddox, but here it is on top of the blanket I also made!


I absolutely LOVE the checkerboard pattern I started doing. It’s more work, but makes such a pretty blanket.

Time to get moving.

I have a fun and busy day ahead of me!


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Another Nephew!

Yesterday started with the usual breakfast.


I put on my workout clothes, opened the garage door and then decided not to go to Spin Class.  My buns are so sore from that dang Body Pump class, I couldn’t imagine sitting on a bike.

Then I decided NOT to go to the gym….again blaming Body Pump.

All life’s problems are now blamed on Body Pump.

Instead, I aggressively knit a hat and started another one, all while wearing my workout clothes.


I feel like that counts.


I also cooked a pot of soup!


And then the time came to meet our newest nephew!


Maddox Palmer!  He is perfect.


I loved watching the interaction between this new little family.  The happiness that Katie and Colt share and the joy and love they feel for their baby boy was palpable.

The Grandparents were pretty excited too.


We watched some of the  World Series from the waiting room and then I caught the end when I got home.  Not the result that Kansas City was hoping for but what an amazing month this has been for our City.  I am so proud of our baseball team and can’t wait for next year!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Exciting Day Ahead!

Yesterday was AHHHMAZING!!


If you live in a climate with no seasons, you need to get in your car and drive to Kansas City and experience Fall!


We are having the most beautiful Autumn.

Are you here yet?


started with a hot bowl of oats and eggs.


Then I headed to a Body Pump class.

I have a confession, I take a Body Pump class about every 3 to 5 years and I always walk in cocky.  Like, I lift weights…this is going to be totally easy.  I’m gonna go ahead and load this bar up….you guys can have the 2.5’s and 5’s…I won’t be needing those….I like to lift heavy.  I can do anything the instructor can do.

I can barely move today.

The pain is so deep.

I don’t know why I didn’t learn after the first time I did that.  I was seriously shaking head to toe when I left the class.

Body Pump is no joke.  If you think you are in good shape (which I am not and that was proven yesterday), go take a Body Pump class. I will be going back.  Now I have something to prove to myself.

Back at home, I leashed up the girls and took them for a nice long walk.


Besides a meeting yesterday, I spent most of my time outside.


It was the perfect day.


Justin taught the cat to use the iPad.


I ate an apple with peanut butter.


And then we all headed indoors to cheer on the Royals and I knitted a hat.


It’s not perfect as it was the first time I used the multiple needle method.  I usually knit in-the-round if I am making a circle but it’s hard to finish off hats in-the-round, so I used this video and made that hat.  It was super easy.  I am looking forward to making another one so I can get those stitches tighter.

By the way, that’s a newborn hat because my brother, Colt, is at the hospital with his girlfriend RIGHT MEOW awaiting the arrival of their baby boy!!


So, if you are keeping up…

Sawyer was born last month.


Gabe was born a year an half ago….


And these two stinkers, Brad and Evan, have Facebook Pages!  Just kidding, they are 9 but growing up so fast!


Boys! Boys! Boys!!  Everywhere BOYS!

It’s an exciting day! 

The baby.

The Royals.

Time to get moving, I don’t want to miss a second!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I have so many fun hobbies that there is just not enough time in one day! 


I made some stuff for my friend’s wedding reception over the weekend.


The wall of fabric strips isn’t finished in this picture and then I didn’t take a picture once I finished it.  I’ll take one at the reception so you can see the final product.  It ended up looking like Fall not the 4th of July.


I also knitted and crocheted and dreamed about sewing.  Apparently, Justin thinks I make messes when I get crafty so I can only have so many things going on at once and sewing was going to put me over the limit.


In my on-going quest to get organized, I purchased a garment rack from Target for $30. (the link is for the single tier as the two-tier isn’t online for some reason…..or maybe there is a reason – keep reading)


I was pumped!  I mean $30?!!  That’s all it is going to take to get my closet organized?

I rolled that baby right into the spare bedroom, tucked it neatly against the wall and stood back to admire my amazing organizational skills.


And about 5 hours later it looked like this.


Sooooo……apparently you get what you pay for.  I feel hurt and betrayed by Target.

With my $30 nightmare behind me,

I started this week at a 9:15am spin class (because I snoozed right through the 5:30am class).  I LOVED the teacher, Lana.  It was so hard.  There wasn’t a dry spot on my clothes after her class.


Back at home, after breakfast and after doing some work, we headed to the gym.


In the past several months, the right side of my body has felt “off”, even down to my ankle.  Pretty much, everything on the right side hasn’t been RIGHT since….

The Great Nose Dive of 2013.

Justin kept telling me to get to the chiropractor but I kept thinking yoga and time would heal the issue. 


My body was feeling pretty good after the spin class, but as I got into my workout, my neck and upper back was hurting so bad that I did a short shoulder/triceps workout, hopped on the stair-mill for 5 minutes and than sat on a bike and felt sorry for myself until Justin was done with his leg workout.


During that time, I made an appointment with our chiropractor and we headed straight there from the gym.  We both got adjusted and, man, do I feel better today!


I’m ready to cheer on our Royals in Game 6 of the World Series in my new Freelance Clothing shirt!  Click here for the list I posted of local retailers selling Royals shirts.

Before I go,

Check out this necklace I ordered from my sister, Vann!  And the email I received when she shipped it!  haha!  I had forgotten my name from my old Etsy store so I was like, why is Vann calling me “strawberrysquirl”!


Anyway, she hand paints these necklaces for adults and kids. 


She takes special requests, as well, like this super cute A’s baseball necklace!


I definitely want one of those for the Royals!

Enough about Vann,

I ate my last bowl of soup and am now in grieving.


And if you haven’t decorated for Fall, you have three days to do it before the Christmas tree goes up!


P.S. In case you are wondering, the garment rack is still sideways on the floor. Between feeling betrayed by Target and grieving over my homemade soup being gone, I just don’t have the energy to pick that mess up right now.