Monday, September 29, 2014

New Nephew!

Oh my goodness, you guys!  Are you ready for some cuteness?!

Let me introduce to you….

Sawyer Palmer!


He is precious and perfect.


My sister in law, Becky, is already an amazing Mom!  She is so relaxed and comfortable with him.  She is a labor and delivery nurse which may help but sometimes that goes the other way with nurses.  Sometimes knowing too much backfires!


Not with Becky.  She is calm, confident and makes being a new mommy look effortless!

And my brother, Chaz……


I had no doubts about him.  I knew he would take to being a Daddy with confidence like he does everything in his life.


He is also very comfortable and relaxed about being a Dad!  So proud of him.  He had never changed a diaper in his life but he just scoops that baby up and gets to work!


No worries about these two.  They are going to be just fine!

And this is the picture Chaz took of me.



I brought a blanket I made for Sawyer and pajamas for the new parents.  I could have stayed all day holding our new little human being, but their crew of friends was about to start rolling in so I got out of there.

Back at home, I spent the day getting laundry done and lunches for the week prepped for our group home clients.  Justin grilled steaks with broccoli and mushrooms for dinner.


He sears the steaks off in the cast iron skillet them moves them to the top rack to finish while we cook the broccoli and mushrooms (that didn’t get pictured) in the steak bits. So good!


We wrapped up the weekend with some TV.  Which means Justin watched Boardwalk Empire while I crocheted candy corn hats!


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