Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fun Week Ahead!

Oh, it’s going to be a FUN week!

Justin’s birthday week has begun!  His Birthday isn’t until October, but with some staffing issues, we are doing it early this year!


In case you are new to the blog, we do Birthday weeks around here.

I started planning this months ago as I knew I wanted to make this year a little more special.  Like anything else, when you do the same thing over and over again, even if it does mean getting a whole week off, it gets boring and expected.

So, I started keeping a list of things and activities that Justin mentioned he wanted.  I have been collecting and scheduling for a couple months now and FINALLY the week is here!


It has been KILLING me not to tell him and he has even received a couple of gifts because he would keep mentioning them and I knew they were hidden in the house so I ended up caving.

The gifts I bought are not extravagant by any means, but more to let Justin know that I am PAYING ATTENTION.

I am listening.

Stay tuned for what is in store for the next 7 DAYS!


started with some oats and eggs like usual and getting our work done for the morning.

Next up was Yoga for me and the gym for Justin.


Excuse me while I go clean that mirror!

Back at home, I enjoyed some peanut butter toast with honey and a banana.


When Justin arrived home, we changed our clothes and headed to the Parkville Nature Sanctuary.  If you live in the area, you NEED to check out this gem of a nature trail.  It is so peaceful and beautiful back there.


We headed to the store, tired and hungry, and came home with chicken burritos.


There were super good and very filling. I wasn’t hungry for much the rest of the evening.

Getting Ahead

I spend a little time trying to get ahead for the week, since I will be doing everything and baked some biscuit popovers for our client’s lunches.

I made biscuit batter from scratch, flattened them out, filled with pepperoni and mozzarella and baked them.


Then ate one.  I NEEDED to make sure they were servable!

I made one more batch of biscuit batter so all I have to do is assemble and bake when I am ready for another batch.

I am always searching for homemade lunch ideas, so if you have any, send them my way!

Essential Oils

It is getting close to that T.O.M. so I am trying something new, once again, with essential oils.  There are so many testimonies on people finding relief from menstrual cramps using oils.  I am not having the same luck.  I had a little bit of luck last month but had to crack and take some ibuprofen.

So, I have been ingesting grapefruit oil via veggie capsules for about two (2) weeks because we were trying out the Petro Chemical Cleanse.


I haven’t noticed any difference with the cleanse but maybe it takes the whole 6 weeks.  A side effect, I read though, is that the grapefruit COULD relieve menstrual cramps!

In addition to the grapefruit oil, which we ran out of (so if you want to try the cleanse buy two bottles), I took a capsule of fennel and copaiba yesterday ( 5 drops of each)


I’ll keep you guys posted on how that works out for me this month.

I also placed an order this morning for Balsam Fir.  The final oil I needed for the “Pain Bomb”


I keep seeing people post about it but I have been skeptical.  I read a blog post this morning that finally gave me the push I needed!

If you are interested in purchasing oils or becoming a wholesaler, go to Young Living and use my Member ID# 1761901.


We watched “Neighbors” last night and it was just ok.  If you have seen the previews, you’ve seen the movie.  I had high hopes for that one too! Sad smile


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