Friday, September 19, 2014

Freaking Hungry!

You know those days when you feel like you can NOT eat enough?

Like, you eat and then 2 seconds later you forgot you ate and feel mad that you are so hungry, STILL.

Yesterday was one of those days, Man.

I started the day at a 5:30am Spin Class.  It’s been a long time since I took a Spin Class. I just checked Instagram, because of course I took a picture the last time. It let me know it’s been 28 weeks.  Great. Math at 6am.  So, 7 months ago?

Anywho, it was hard. And sweaty.


As soon as I got home, I took pictures trying to show the sweat on my shirt, and you can kind of see it in one of the pictures, but my shirt was SO soaked there was barely a dry part to show contrast!  I need you guys to FEEL the effort I put into that class and the amount of sweat that left my body.

It was a great way to start the day.

Back at home, I ate some oats with eggs and then got everyone up and on their way for the day.

Justin headed to Gold’s to train legs and I went to Ashtanga Yoga.  The substitute teacher, Melissa, is still there and she kicked my butt.  Not that Marti and Starr’s classes are easy but my body is used to the flow of their classes.  Having a different teacher sent my brain and my body right into Struggle Town!

I was in such bad shape, I had to make a video so you guys would believe it!

I was suffering.

It’s ok, you can be embarrassed for me.  I felt like I could cry.

I started making a game plan on the drive home.  The plan was to start grilling chicken when I walked in the door.

Instead, I ate chips and salsa and a Quest bar.  And sat in a chair and stared into space.

Justin was not far behind me and he was also overly hungry (probably hoping I had cooked that chicken since I beat him home).

Next thing we knew, our car drove us to Rancho Grande!


I had two (2) enchiladas and MORE chips and salsa.  I swear my sweat is going to start smelling like salsa. (delicious.)

It wasn’t our best decision of the day but we both definitely felt better after getting some food and were able to get our errands ran for the day and be adults. I really wanted to go immediately home and get in bed.  Which I did as soon as we got all our stuff done.


was the rock star of the day!


Justin grilled some chicken, steaks and asparagus.

We ate the steak and asparagus for dinner and have plenty of left overs for the next several days so we can tighten up our diets and not run to Rancho Grande every time we get too hungry.


I felt so pathetic that our workout and feeding schedule about killed our day.  I told Justin this is not normal behavior.  Most people go to the gym and then have an entire work day.  We go to the gym and then act like we can’t function the rest of the day without a major meal and a nap!

We need to get ourselves together.



We knew you were wondering, so we tasted these for you guys and they are AMAZING!