Thursday, September 25, 2014

Day #1

First on the agenda yesterday was getting another batch of cookies made for our client’s lunches.


You would think I would make one giant batch for the entire week, but that would be too easy!  I like to wake up at 5am, sit around and do nothing, then frantically hustle to get these cookies made at 7:55am (I have to start waking our client’s up around 8am so everyone can be ready by 9am)!

Makes life exciting!


was the usual.


Oats and Eggs.

Birthday Week


Yesterday was Justin’s first day of his Birthday Week!  For each day of his birthday week, I have ideas on how we can spend the day, but in the end it’s HIS birthday week and we will do whatever he wants!

His birthday gift #1 was two things he has been talking about.


Fat calipers and Pixy Sticks!  Pixy sticks are dextrose, which he wants for his pre-workout, and are surprisingly hard to find out in the world.  I ordered this pack from Candy Nation.

Next up on the Birthday agenda:

Gym Time


I had planned for us to spend some time shopping at the Plaza but we were both starving and didn’t feel like driving down there, so we headed to a new-to-us restaurant, Coucous, Gyro, Kebab.


We started with salad from their salad bar which also includes original and chipotle hummus, chili sauce, tzatziki and tahini.  We loaded up our plates and the waitress brought us warm pita.  That all by itself was so delicious!  That waaaaarm pita bread was all soft and light so good!  I could have just eaten the pita and hummus with the salad and been good.

But wait!

I ordered the Queen Gyro for my main meal.


It had lettuce, tomato and cucumber with falafel and lamb/beef for the meat!  All wrapped up in a WARM PITA!!  They have a choice of original, spicy or chipotle falafel.  I ordered the original but they were out so I opted for the spicy and they were not kidding!  I have become such a wimp with spicy food.  The beef/lamb meat was so tender and super tasty.

Justin ordered the Prince Gyro which contained falafel, beef/lamb and chicken!  He wanted to try a little bit of everything.

Needless to stay, we were both stuffed and walked out of there with leftovers. We felt like moving around since we had just eaten all that food, so we headed down to Parkville to walk by the river.


Big Brother

We ended Birthday Week Day #1 tucked in, watching the Premier of Survivor and the Finale of Big Brother.


I am thrilled with how Big Brother turned out!  I won’t spoil it for anyone, in case you haven’t watched it yet, but I loved it!


  1. That Gyro looks so good-- it all does! I'm drooling ;)

    1. We are pretty excited that we finally tried that place! Will definitely be back for more warm pita!

  2. I second Liz's comment! Drooling! :-) Fun times and fun food!

  3. I can almost taste the pita bread and hummus.....sounds soooo good!
    And, I loved the Big Brother finale too! It turned out perfectly!!

    1. Glad you feel the same way about Big Brother! I really like this season.