Saturday, March 8, 2014

Busy Busy Always Busy

So I am OBSESSED with getting organized.

I read blog after blog about organizing. Clicking on one link that leads me to another link and before I know it I am winding my way through the www, getting swept away by beautiful bookcases with boxes wrapped in fabric and laundry rooms with apothecary jars filled with homemade laundry soap and pantries filled with chalkboard labels placed on matching clear containers.

I wake up and want to stare longingly at someone’s perfectly put together refrigerator….

or read every detail about homemade cleaners 

or how to clean your washing machine (which I did yesterday). 

Okay so my washer has a button you press and it cleans itself by adding a little bleach, but I decided to REALLY clean it.  We have been having a lingering sulfur smell.  So I dumped white vinegar in the soap dispenser as well as the bleach and fabric softener dispensers and then ran it on the longest, hottest setting (whites).  No more smell!

Jen, over at iheart organizing has so many great ideas and her blog is definitely where I head each morning to see what’s new.  What is also great about her site, is the “blog iheart” section.  When you scroll down, on the right, is a list of some FABULOUS bloggers that are right in line with my latest obsession.  I get lost in her blog for days.

I am also OBSESSED with my planner.  While most of the world is going paperless and electronic, I’m over here scrapbooking a planner into something the size of a loveseat.


I am totally into the ARC system from Staples.

And stickers. And washi tape. And markers.


And creating pages.  Feel free to use them!  I think I did it right?  If you click on the link, it should pull up a pdf and then you should be able to print or download whatever you want.

Weekly Planner


2014 Calendar


Clean House



Daily Planner


Dates to Remember

I printed two-sided and used cheap paper so my pages are pretty see through.

I LOVE it!  I use it everyday and enjoy looking at it and adding to it.


The other thing all this blog reading is doing is making me be a hoarder, buy more stuff and make more messes!

I save every box, oatmeal container and glass jar.  I am convinced I will need them and will wrap them in pretty paper or fabric or spray the jars with paint when that times comes.

I bought these and want to put EVERYTHING in my house in one of these containers:


Besides making messes getting organized, I have been crocheting hot pads.


And newborn hats.


A LOT of newborn hats!


I am also thoroughly enjoying my time back in the gym.  It feels so good to not be in pain and lift heavy again.

AND Girls on the Run practiced started!  We have had two practices and they are so FUN!  We have fifteen 6th Graders and I am now convinced that is my favorite age for girls.  They are full of energy and sweet and willing to participate in everything we do.

Like the title of this post says: “Busy Busy Always Busy”.  I am falling into bed these days exhausted, but my days are so fun!  I am waking up at 4 or 4:30am every day excited to get going again!


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