Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I started this post on Tuesday morning, when St. Patrick’s Day was just the day before. Now it’s Wednesday. Shoot.

Let’s get caught up!

Did everyone have a fun St. Patrick’s Day? Did you wear green?  Did you get pinched? Did you purposefully not wear green so you could get pinched?


Remember doing that in school?  It was so stressful for me.  And for some reason I NEVER had anything green come St. Patrick’s Day.  Why didn’t my parents make SURE this fair-skinned, red head, that blushed at even the WORD pinch, had green?


Is what I would have said, had I not been so busy blushing.

The HORROR of being pinched!

Who started that anyway?

Monday started with oats and eggs.


Then we dressed our group home clients in green. Then ourselves. Then headed to the gym.


Back at home, I  ate butternut squash soup and chicken with veggies from the crockpot meal I made on Sunday.

I headed out to run errands and one of the places was Bed, Bath & Beyond. Man, I love that store!  At the register, I found this gem:


And hilarity ensued for hours!

Well, for me anyway.

And it was more like half an hour.  Remember being a kid and those things being funny for hours?

Justin was bored from me asking him for words for HALF of the first one.  Mad Libs are still fun and had us laughing though.

Oh, I went to a home party last Thursday where my friend invited a bunch of different vendors and Stella & Dot was one of them.  I purchased a necklace and a clutch.  The clutch came Monday!


It is so pretty!  A beautiful, rich royal blue. I can see myself reaching for this often.

Monday was also laundry day.  And by laundry day, I mean wash and dry the clothes, then lay them out neatly in the living room so the cat can lay on them for a week.


He found a good spot that day. (and now the top shirt has to be rewashed!) The sun was coming in perfectly for his naptime. I was jealous.


He looked so comfy, I didn’t want to move him.  Oh well, I guess putting the laundry away can wait another day. Winking smile


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