Monday, February 24, 2014

What I’ve Been Up To

Here is what I have been up to through the eyes of my camera phone.

The Gym

Over the past month, I continued to have problems with my neck and back and could not even pick up a weight without becoming nauseous.  The massages stopped having the effect they initially had and it was getting to where the only way I felt okay is if I did NOTHING but lay around. I FINALLY went to the chiropractor on February 10 and woke up the next day feeling AMAZING!  My head was clear, my energy was back and, although I was sore, I was not in PAIN.


After being in the gym only a handful of times since December 27, I am back and ready to regain my strength and my body.

Brace yourself for the return of daily selfies in workout clothes!



Soups, pastas, veggies, beans.  I am obviously NOT in competition prep.  In fact, I have decided not to compete this Spring.

My Focus


  • Making more things from scratch.
  • Becoming a Professional Voice Over talent.
  • Being an Assistant Coach for Girls on the Run.
  • Continuing to get this house organized!

Around the House

We got new carpet!


It snowed like crazy!


Justin is still killing it!  He looks and FEELS amazing!


Hope everyone is enjoying winter! Spring is right around the corner.  We keep getting little teasers of sunshine and warm weather.

Somebody’s ready to lay out!



  1. glad to hear you are finally feeling better!!!!!!!!
    looks like you have some amazing adventures headed your way!!!

    1. Hi Melissa! Lots of exciting stuff! I'll keep you posted. xoxo