Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Yoga and the Gym

I spent most of Sunday and ALL of Monday being best friends with my heating pad and a bottle of ibuprofen andsomeicecreamandspaghettiwithmeatballs.

But YESTERDAY I felt like myself again!

I started the day with oats and eggs.


After getting everyone around here up and on their way for the day, we went to yoga.


It was GLORIOUS! And we did a healing mantra. It’s like she knows exactly what I need! (healing for my neck and back)

Back at home, I refueled with some tuna and green beans before heading to the gym.


At the gym


I was pretty hungry by the time I got home, so I fixed a big fat salad and enjoyed some potato chips on the side.


Dinner was delicious!

Turkey meatballs with roasted, rosemary potatoes and green beans.


I had a pretty rough night with my back and neck soreness causing a headache and nausea.  It’s like lifting weights sets me back. I hadn’t been in there since LAST Monday when doing legs left me feeling miserable. So I stayed out of the gym and rested.  I was feeling better so I decided to do a full body workout. Sigh. Time heals, right? Well evidently I need more than a week.

Oh well. Back to resting and yoga and massage therapy.

Fun stuff:

I sent in my application to be a coach for Girls on the Run!

I made this dress and leg warmers for my sister’s niece. I made a little hat as well but didn’t get a picture.


Justin started FlexPro Meals!


And We are getting NEW CAAAAAARPET!!! (said in my best Oprah voice)

The new carpet might be the most exciting thing in my life right now! Fo sho. I can NOT wait! It’s going to feel like a new house in here.

Good night friends. See you in the morning!



  1. I'm sorry your neck and back still hurt. Get better, would ya?