Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Year End Post

I love end of the year posts because it’s so fun to look back over the year and see what memories were created. 

2013 was the Year of Change and Growth!

Throughout the past year, I definitely felt myself move into a new phase of life.   I feel stronger and more confident then ever starting out 2014.

Let’s take a look back…..


  • First KC Diva Girls Night Out at Seasons 52
  • Fur-babies!
  • Grandpa passed away
  • Started training with Tionna
  • Fell in love with shredded brussel sprouts
  • Justin – Love that man.



  • Nephews
  • Justin in the winter that lasted until MAY!
  • Food prep
  • Trip to Arizona
  • KC Diva Valentine’s Party
  • Comp Prep training in full swing



  • Vann’s baby shower
  • Fur-babies!
  • Easter egg hunt
  • KC Diva track time
  • Date nights with Justin
  • Training with Tionna going strong!



  • KC Diva workouts
  • Girlfriend time
  • Date nights with Justin
  • Boudoir shoot
  • Nephews!
  • Bought my FAVORITE sweatshirt “Live Life” from Nutrition Snob 



  • Gabe came into the world!
  • Yoga became a daily part of my life
  • Justin was golfing
  • Photo shoot in the rain



  • Another figure competition
  • Birthday at Arizona Spa
  • Met two blog friends
  • Family time
  • Jumped right in to Tionna’s comp prep
  • KC Diva workouts
  • Fur-kids
  • Date nights
  • Justin started training with Tionna



  • Training with Tionna for Worlds
  • My “kids”
  • Date nights

July is a tough month to look back on.  One one hand I had a blast training with Tionna for her competition and helping her with prep.  I was in the best shape of my life and scared to death to lose it. On the other hand, it was, by far, the toughest month of the year for Justin and I.  I’m glad we got through that month.



  • Vegas! Tionna’s figure competition!
  • Reconnecting with Justin.
  • Park time with The Girls



  • Relationship repair!
  • Marriage counseling
  • Lots of hiking and yoga and date nights!
  • Friends!



  • Justin’s birthday month!
  • Justin hit the mark for 50 POUND WEIGHT LOSS!
  • Trip to San Diego to visit friends, Brad and Sarah
  • Lots of time with Friends – training, Farmer’s Market, Lunches, Dinners
  • Gym workouts, yoga, hiking, golfing for Justin
  • KC Diva GNO – Wicked and Sushi
  • Family time



  • Rejoined Ellie (previously PV Body)
  • GNO – Keith Urban concert
  • Volunteered with Girls on the Run
  • Lots of fun with friends in the gym and out in the world!
  • Thanksgiving with family
  • Date Nights
  • Justin got his wisdom teeth pulled (all four) and was eating pizza the next day. Freak.
  • Fur-Kids!



  • Cookie Exchange
  • Lots of family time
  • Date nights
  • Gym
  • Sister in Law, Sarah, graduated with her PhD
  • Brother, James, graduated with Bachelors
  • Sister, Autumn, turned 40
  • Sister, Vann, turned 30
  • Got a stomach virus.  Got violently sick 5 times, passed out twice. On the second pass out episode fell face first into shower floor and put a slight fracture and gash in my nose.  Trip to the ER!


Wow! What a year!  The common thread as I created each of the collages were Justin, our animals, family and friends.  Above all else, I am so thankful for those four things.  Spending time with the people in our lives and creating memories with PEOPLE is what matters to both Justin and I.

Thank you all for checking in with me and supporting this blog.  I feel the love!  I truly enjoy blogging and connecting with so many of you!


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  1. What a great year! Well, most of it anyway! My year in review, I lost 50lbs, I deadlifted 315lbs with NO straps and I benched 70lbs DBs 8 times!!! Oh and I strengthened by relationship with my gorgeous wife! I hope everyone has a HAPPY NEW YEAR!