Sunday, December 22, 2013

Winter Wonderland

We woke up to a winter wonderland!


It’s so pretty!


We shoveled the driveway and played with the dogs in the snow. Now we are snuggled in our warm home making some yummy breakfast!



was Saturday.

I made these.


slightly adapted from


And then Justin got stared at while he ate some chicken.


And that was our day!

Ha! But, pretty much.

We had a little ice/snow storm yesterday that kept us home all day.  It really didn’t start until around 4pm, but we are always looking for a reason to have a lazy day! So even the mention of freezing rain and I am not getting out of my jammies.

Beside those muffins, I baked some chicken and brussel sprouts and we stayed inside cozy and warm. 

WE WERE SUPPOSED to go to a surprise party for my sister, Vann, and then to Justin’s Dad’s for some Christmas party fun.  By then, the roads were too slick though so we stayed home and wrapped up the day with a glass of wine and watching Saturday Night Live.

It was a good little Saturday.



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