Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Powdered Sugar

Well, I did it!

I talked about it……


I blogged about it……


I planned for it…..


And I finally did it…….

I made Puppy Chow.


Or Muddy Buddies. Whatever you want to call it.


I didn’t make the gingerbread kind I blogged about yesterday because the store was out of cinnamon chips.  Apparently, everyone read my blog and ran to the store to copy me.

The candy cane kind turned out great though!

The whole process was an ever-lovin’ mess!  Powdered sugar EVERYWHERE!

At the gym


Beside the two things I mentioned above, I did some shopping and some crocheting yesterday.


These suckers are LEAVING the house today!  These are the cookies from the exchange and I keep forgetting to send them to the day hab! Which means I keep eating them.  Get. Out. Of. Mah. House!


Have a great day! See you tomorrow!



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