Tuesday, December 10, 2013

In Case You Missed It


I posted this on Facebook AND Instagram but I wanted to share it on my blog as well.  My friend’s daughter had surgery and was in the hospital for a week.  My sister had asked if I wanted to make a meal for the family to enjoy the first week home from the hospital. Of course, I said yes. But then I got on Pinterest and found this idea (and there were several other people that were making meals).


A Box of Sunshine: You fill a box with everything YELLOW!  The family consist of my friend, her three kids and a dog.  I tried not to leave anyone out (see the dog treats?)  There are stress balls, silly string, a yellow slinky, fingernail polish, hand soap, lotion, notepads, crayons, highlighters, post it notes and then lots and lots of snacks, candy and drinks.

It was so fun to make and my sister made sure it was there waiting at their home for their arrival!

Last week was a big week

for my sister Autumn.

She turned 40!


I turned to Pinterest once again, wanting to do something special and memorable.  Mom, Justin, Autumn and I enjoyed a lovely lunch of Taco Bueno at my Mom’s, some cake and then she opened her gift.

Mom and I filled 40 balloons with gifts and put them in a large storage tote.  When Autumn saw her gift I think she thought we bought her a storage container. Then she opened it.  And still thought, Oh how cute, they filled my present with balloons. And then she looked a little closer…and said “Are all these balloons filled with gifts?!”

Yes. Yes they are!

It was fun watching her pop (she actually cut each one with scissors to save all of us the anxiety of hearing 40 popping balloons!) all the balloons and see what little treasure was inside!


And who would I be if I didn’t post a food picture?!

I made this delicious chicken chili/soup.


Hope everyone is waking up warm and happy!


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