Friday, December 20, 2013

Get it Together

Our house smells like Christmas!


I made these cute little stove-top potpourri kits yesterday morning and put one on the stove for us to enjoy.


The house smelled so good all day!

Anytime someone stops by or we meet a friend for lunch (Hi Kristen!), these make the perfect little gift!

Yesterday started with meeting our friend, Kristen, at the gym.


I rarely get the chance to workout with her as she works during the day. 


It was fun to get in the gym together and then the three of us headed to Panera for some lunch.


Greek salad with broccoli cheese soup.

Back at home, I did some Christmas shopping on line and ate waaaaay too much chex mix treats!


I will never make this again because I can not have giant bowls of it around the house. eek.

Once Justin was home from training with Tionna, it was time to get ready for dinner with my sister, Vann, and her husband, Matt, and Gabe.

She turns 30 this weekend!!


We all shared this cookie for dessert and then Justin and I were both awake until 1am!

Now is the time that someone needs to remind me about what I have said about sugar!


I am out of control!


Hey! It’s Friday!

See you tomorrow!


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