Sunday, November 17, 2013


Happy Sunday! It’s my Dad’s birthday!

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Happy Birthday, Dad!

Last Wednesday

Justin got his wisdom teeth out!


And on Thursday, we were shopping and he was eating pizza.


And Friday, we went out Wines by Jennifer for a wine tasting and the Rusty Horse for dinner.


I can’t believe how well it went for him and how fast he bounced back!

Girls on the Run

Also on Friday, I volunteered at packet pick up for Girls on the Run.


I’m excited about being a part of this wonderfully, inspiring organization.  I REALLY want to be coach! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Saturday morning

I volunteered at the season ending 5k.  I was there bright and early to start setting up.  I jumped right in and started cutting bagels for the hospitality area.  Once the runners finished they were treated to bananas, oranges, Luna bars and bagels from Panera along with chocolate milk. 


Before the race started, they had all kinds of fun things set up for the girls.  This was a dance area and hoola hoop contest.  There was also a hair station and arts and crafts area.

My job official job was to help out at the finish line.  So, after cutting all the bagels with the help of three other girls, I hopped over to the finish line.  We had to unwrap all the medals for the finishers, unwrap the water bottle packages and set up the buckets that would hold the time chips.


It was fun and a lot of WORK!  I believe I was told there were 2,500-3,000 runners.  I was clipping off the time chips and handing out water as people finished.

I was so pooped by the time I got home, I slept on and off the rest of the day!

Check this out!


When we were in Vegas in August, we went in to the Sugar Factory store and I bought these temporary lip tattoos.  I thought the Girls on the Run race would be the perfect place to wear them.  I don’t have a lot of patience with applying things like this though.  So, after taking this picture, as soon as I separated my lips, the sticker on the bottom lip was all jacked up.  I should have let them dry a little more before touching my lips together. So, I ended up scrubbing them off before leaving for the race.


Food and Exercise

I got in a shoulders and triceps workout on Thursday with Tionna.


Obviously, I was feeling myself and needed to stop and take some pictures while Tionna continued to stretch. ha!

Friday, I did legs again.


I took yesterday off and plan on taking today off as well.

My meals have been whatever the hell I feel like eating.  Soooo, not a lot of pictures.  I only took pictures of the healthy meals! ha!





Hope everyone is having a great weekend!  I’m off to have breakfast with a girlfriend!


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