Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Fun

Haaaaappy Monday!


Here is a little recap of my weekend! It was a fun one!

Friday started with Tionna, Justin and I heading to the gym for a workout.  TWO HOURS later we emerged sweaty and starving!

We headed to First Watch, where I order one of their Power Bowls.


With the word POWER in it, it’s gotta be good!  It’s quinoa, kale, carrots, sundried tomatoes, chicken and a creamy pesto sauce.  I ordered it with extra chicken and extra pesto. I didn’t realize the pesto was going to be creamy when I ordered extra.  It was so good!

The rest of the day was spent gearing up for Friday NIGHT!


I met my friend Jessica and two of her friends at The Flying Saucer in the Kansas City Power and Light District for dinner and drinks.


Then we walked over to the Sprint Center for the Keith Urban Concert!


It was such a fun night! 


When Jessica asked me to go to the concert, I’ll admit all I knew about him was that he is from Australia, is married to Nicole Kidman, is a judge on American Idol and sings country music.


He puts on a great show!

The fun part about concerts is they are ALWAYS FUN as long as you have good company!


We danced and sang all night! (Justin will attest that I will sing to any song whether I know the words or not)

I was in my bed around 12:30am because I had another big day on Saturday.  Tionna and I decided last minute to drive up to Omaha, Nebraska and watch some friends in the Council Bluffs Classic.

ROAD TRIP! (now would be a fantastic place to insert a picture of the two of us in the car, but I’m a loser and didn’t take one picture of Tionna and I!)


We were pretty hungry as soon as we got into town and Ruby Tuesday’s was directly across the street from our hotel.  I order Chicken with butter Fresco with a side of grilled zucchini and spaghetti squash!

The show started at 4:30pm and was over at 12am!

Longest show of my LIFE!



I would say poor athletes, but POOR ME! Winking smile

It was fun to see these two beautiful ladies compete along with several of their teammates (Team TaylerMade).  Bre, pictured above, competed in bikini and Kristen, pictured below, competed in figure.



We rose bright and early on Sunday, ate some breakfast and headed home!  I spent the rest of the day napping and doing laundry.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

It’s getting chilly and feeling like November in Kansas City! Bundle Up!


  1. sounds like a fun weekend!!!!
    and love the updated pics on your blog!!!!!
    good to see ya back in bloglnd chica!

    1. Thanks Melissa! Feels good to be back. Blogging is so fun!