Monday, November 18, 2013

Fist Punch the Air

You know those type of meals where you walk out of the restaurant and want to fist punch the air because you feel so good.

I had that type of breakfast yesterday morning.


Angela and I have known each other for about a year through the KC Divas, but we have never actually hung out one on one and gotten to know each other.

We met at First Watch yesterday morning and did just that over coffee with pumpkin spice creamer and a cinnamon pancake!

I love the pancakes at First Watch because you only get one.  It’s the size of a small platter, but it’s only one so you still feel good about yourself!

She works for Threads for Thoughts.

It was SO interesting to learn about this company.  It is a super small company that makes clothing out of sustainable materials and then a portion of their sales goes toward charities near and dear to them.

I encourage everyone to check them out.  I know I will be!  We all have to buy clothes and Christmas presents and while buying local and from friends is always the best option, buying from a company like this comes in close second. Dontchathink?

Angela is so humble and talked about her role in the company so nonchalantly.  I was like if I worked for that company, I would be blowin’ up everybody’s shit, bragging about how I work at a better place than you! Winking smile


Angela is so easy to talk to, we were there for two hours!  I left that breakfast so full of energy and wanting to get stuff done and make a difference.  Love when just being around another person can do that to me.

I hope everyone has a chance to get to know someone new or maybe they have been a friend of a friend in your life.  Reach out.  You may be missing out on a really great person!

After breakfast

I went out to my Dad’s house and spent the afternoon chatting with him and my stepmom, as it was his birthday.  I learned all about his new adventure into buying and selling stuff from auctions.  It’s fun to see someone get so excited about a hobby!

I finished the day crocheting and watching the Chiefs.  I fell asleep before it was over. Never fear, I only had to look at Facebook for 5 seconds this morning to know how it ended.

Happy Monday Friends!

Also, whoever makes this crap up, I like you.


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  1. Awww....thanks girl!!! It was so wonderful really getting to know you :)