Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Create Your Own Energy

Having a gym partner is fun!  Especially when she is the same size and also has an addiction to workout clothes!


Yep, we are those girls. 

We took a little break from each other the past couple of months.  Going through back to back competition preps can really test a friendship.  But we are back!

And we are silly excited to be training together again!

We like to match and take pictures of ourselves at the gym.


I’m going to brag on us for a minute, but I’m also going to guess that this is true for any two girls that workout together in a gym.


When we walk in, dressed in cute workout clothes, put our ear buds in and get to work, we create a different energy in the gym.

You can FEEL it.

Or maybe it’s just the preworkout that I feel.

The buzz…the electricity….the energy…whatever it is, goes up a couple notches.


But I also think it’s because people can see that we really LOVE lifting weights.  We push each other.  When Tionna and I lift, everyone else in the gym goes away and it’s just her and I.  Spotting one another, pushing each other for just ONE more.  We are out of breath and sweaty and usually don’t leave the gym until we are starting to crash and need to eat.


Yesterday the area we were in was dead, so we had some fun in front of the mirror.  But, don’t be fooled by our playful pictures.  When we put our music in our ears, we pick up the weights and get to work!


People take notice and it makes others work harder.  There is something different about seeing a GIRL picking up weights and working her ass off.  I know it makes ME work harder.


And that also makes us work harder. 

We don’t dress up for others. 

We wear our fun workout clothes for the feeling it creates in US.  It’s exciting and fun and sometimes that is all it takes to get our butts to the gym.


(The above picture is catching the end of a drop set. Just sayin)

So, the next time you are feeling a lull in your workout or gym energy.  Grab your best girl, or a couple of them, throw on an outfit that makes you feel good and head to the gym!

What I Ate

Meal #1: One whole egg, three egg whites, 1/4 plain gluten free oats with peanut butter on top.  I made a weird pancake thing.


Meal #2: Sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich from Starbucks.

Meal #3: Cilantro, lime brown rice, ground turkey, veggies.


Meal #4: Soft tacos with corn tortillas from Pocos.  They were so good, I didn’t even think about taking a picture!

I’m off to get this day started!  Justin is headed to the dentist to get his wisdom teeth out! ouch.


  1. I think the wind you create when you walk by them is overwhelming and sucks them in like a Hoover. LOL THAT and two hot girls walk into the gym and well... guys forget what sets they are on and girls are thinking "Darn it. I should have worn matching clothes today at least." LOL

  2. I just stopped by to catch up on your week, and immediately fell in love with your new blog design!!
    It looks so great!! Your header pics are awesome, and work together so well with the new color.
    Now even your blog design reflects the new, fabulous YOU!!