Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Turn in a Different Direction

Favorite yoga moment.

When we are all laying in savasana at the beginning of class and Marti, our yoga teacher, is walking around talking to us about letting go of all your roles. IMG_6401

“Letting go” of the roles WE place on ourselves.


So it makes me think of my roles.

Wife          Caregiver               Nurse          business owner           friend          daughter           competitor          weight-lifter         yogi          pet mommy

It is actually a relieving feeling when she says those words.

Let go of your roles.

For just one hour.

When I place a title on myself, expectations automatically enter my mind. A set of rules start building.


Labeling ourselves or giving ourselves titles is comforting.  It’s like a filing system.  We have labels we give ourselves and we have labels we give others.  It lets us know where to put people in our lives.

It’s also judgment.

I like to think that I don’t judge people, but I do.  As I sit here really thinking about this, I judge people more than I realize.

When I hear that someone practices yoga, is a nurse, or lets their dogs sleep in their beds.  I automatically place them in a “good person” category.  I then create feelings about that person based solely on that. Geesh.

When I hear that someone abused an animal, or hurt another human, or cheated on their partner.  They go into the “bad person” category and feelings are created based on those facts only.

So basically, anyone that does anything like ME or that I also find enjoyable, then I categorize that person as “good” and anyone that does anything that creates a bad feeling in ME, leads me to categorize them as “bad”.


Several years ago, when I was venting about how someone else was living their life, my Grandma Palmer told me that sometimes “You just have to live along side people.”

You just have to live along side people.

She is the smartest woman I know.

I don’t have to agree with everyone but I also don’t have to form an opinion about them.  I don’t have to THINK another second about them at all!

It really is none of my business how anyone else lives their life.


Imagine that.  If we all minded our own business and just practiced kindness toward others.

I want to work harder on that.  I don’t want to build negative feelings about people.  That doesn’t do anything good for anyone.  It only puts out more negative energy.

Like Ellen says at the end of her show, “Be kind to one another”. That’s all we can do.  Create happiness in our own lives and share that with others and don’t pay attention to the rest.


Well, this post really took a turn in a different direction.  I started with my favorite yoga moment and slid right into judging people!

Welcome to my brain, Good Night!


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