Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Chugga Chugga

Let’s get this train back on the tracks!


Summer is quickly coming to an end. 

Fall is in the air and finding it’s way into every food, drink and candle known to man!

My Facebook newsfeed has gone from pictures of bikinis and gym selfies to pumpkin spice lattes and M&Ms.

I love the change in the air. It’s Mother Nature’s way of saying, “You may now wear boots.”

Since I last blogged,

we have been to Vegas


celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary


and I have managed to keep my body fat at 13%


Grease is still the best movie of all time.


Yeah, I took those pictures of my TV last night while I was watching it.

My plan

is to just keep going.  Keep eating what I have been eating.  Keep lifting weights. Keep doing cardio from time to time.  All of it. JUST KEEP GOING!  I have allowed some sugar back in to my diet over the past several weeks and I don’t like it one bit.  My body responded immediately in unflattering ways and I don’t feel as good.  I am going with Tionna to Oklahoma in a couple of weeks for the WBFF competition (she has a couple girls in it that she is training and who are also my friends! Jessica! Charity!) so I am eating NO SUGAR until then!


Hope everyone is doing well!  See ya tomorrow! (I hope!)


  1. Yeah! I love update posts! Happy anniversary & happy no sugar days!

  2. Heeellllooo there! So happy to see an update from you. YOU look A-MAY-ZING and I'm so very proud of you!! You have overcome so much and accomplished so much too!
    13%?? Girl!! That is so incredible! Again, so proud of you, and so happy to see an update! :)

  3. HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    good to see you back on the boards again!!!!
    you and your husband look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
    and wtg maintaining 13%!!!!!!!!!!!