Monday, June 10, 2013

Back to Reality

Haaaaappy MONDAY!


So much has happened since I last blogged!

After the WBFF competition on May 25th, I felt like I still wanted to compete.  05ag6030

The show was SUPER fun, but I wanted to stand on stage with a bigger line up of figure girls.

MMpm 855

So, I did!  I think there were ten total in my class.  I placed FOURTH!


Before even mentioning the show to me, Tionna texted Justin and asked him if he was okay with it….if he was ready to endure ANOTHER PEAK WEEK and another competition weekend. 


Of course, he said GO FOR IT!  It was a rough week.


I will never be able to truly express my appreciation for this man.  It is not easy being married to me.  I am full of fire, bossy, controlling and moody.  Add a competition into that and Justin is one heck of a MAN for sticking around!  He allows me to be ME.  He gives me strength and confidence and will match my fire in a second! But, he also provides comfort and gentleness and is ready to scoop me up when I start to crumble.

He supports me while I run around, setting goals and living out my dreams.  He is beside me and in the trenches every day.


Marriage is a choice.  I feel so grateful that he chooses me every day.


Once the competition was over, Justin, Tionna, Justin’s Dad and Stepmom and myself packed our bags and headed to Scottsdale, Arizona to enjoy four days at a spa!


I got to meet these two beautiful ladies in person!


Chelle and Ana!

It was so fun meeting them and talking with them, actually getting to hear their voices.  They are both more beautiful in person! It was so comfortable chatting because I felt like I already knew them. It was like catching up with old friends!

Now, we are home and back to reality.


We celebrated my 37th birthday with some friends Saturday night and Sunday I was up bright and early to meet up with some of the KC Divas for a workout!


Sunday afternoon, I met up with my friend, Kristen, and we attended a block party at the Yoga studio, InBliss.


Hope everyone had a great weekend!