Friday, May 17, 2013

8 Days Out

Happy Friday!!

Yesterday started with 45 minutes on the spin bike. 


Then I ran the girls up to their grooming appointment so I could hustle home and eat some egg whites with gluten free oats.  I still can’t believe I like mixing those two things together now.

After getting everyone up and out of here for the day, I ate a chicken breast with some brussel sprout, spinach and kale salad and headed down to train with Tionna.  Last back and biceps workout.  It’s crazy that we are entering into the phase of prep of “lasts”.

Back at home, I ate another chicken breast with brussel sprout, spinach and kale salad with some quinoa and then crashed on the couch.


It was kind of a weird feeling yesterday. I felt happy and my mind was ready to attack my to do list, but my body was tiiiiiired!  I would do little tasks in spurts but just didn’t have much oomph.

My fourth meal

was a chicken breast with roasted brussel sprouts. Yum! Man. I love brussel sprouts.  I never get sick of them!

I did have enough oomph for yoga though. 

It was a powerful class too.  It was ashtanga and the room was full and Marti was fired up!  The music was awesome and I found myself in my own little yoga groove.  I was moving with the music and my breath and Marti’s voice. It was fast paced and sweaty.  Everyone and everything else slipped away.

Tionna and I were all smiles after that class. (I look like I am in pain! ha!)


And then we ate tacos.


I feel great this morning.  Refueled and ready for the last 8 days!


4am bathroom pictures in my panties seems normal now.  I’m sure a year from now (or 2 weeks) I’ll look back and think…how embarrassing!

Enjoy your day!


  1. holy crap woman you look amazing - and I LOVE that green suit!!! I can't wait for your show!!!!!!!

  2. Looking FAB!!!!! 8 days! Can't wait!!!

    1. Thank Yoooooou, Andrea! I can't believe it's only a week away! So excited!

  3. I love that wind blown red hair pic! 8 days until 1st place!!!

  4. HAHAH! I know exactly what you mean! Totally normal...right? ;) You're awesome.

  5. yeeeee!!!!
    looking GREAT
    and yeah,totally normal!!!!

  6. You're looking amazing!! how exciting - you're nearly there - and having been there before, you can appreciate the moments more, savor each step of the journey. Wooohoo!!!!