Saturday, May 4, 2013

21 Days Out

Good Morning, Friends!


I’m 3 weeks out from the show.


This past week was crazy busy and I was in bed most nights and asleep by 9pm!  Exhausted.  I’m sure the fact that I started my period this morning has something to do with my exhaustion.

None the less, still got my training in with Tionna and cardio in the form of HIIT.


One of the days last week was nice, BEFORE IT SNOWED, so Tionna, Justin and I went to the Parkville Nature Sanctuary and ran around and walked up that damn hill!!


And took some pictures!


Thank you Justin for being so patient and taking a million pictures of us!


Tionna and I both love taking pictures so just about any time we have a few minutes we start posing! ha!


I struggled a little with my diet yesterday. Hmphf.  I haven’t had any cravings or issues with my diet at all this prep until yesterday.  Stupid hormones and I was ALONE in the house.  Oh, hi….peanut butter, and a rice cake and a slice of gluten free bread.  I realize it could have been worse and I could have gone to town on a bag of chips or baked myself a cake, but I really can’t afford any mistakes right now!

I’m 21 days out!

I have to stay focused.

I want this.


Today, I am going to yoga and then have posing practice with Tionna and the other girls she is training for the show.  I wish I had my suits.  Les, with Vizion Couture, is making them and should be shipping them today. 


We had to take our Flex Friday picture for Instagram and Facebook!

Hope everyone had a great week!  I did make it to yoga one time last week so I am definitely looking forward to it this morning.



  1. WOMAN!!!! You are lookin' A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! I am beyond excited for you!!!

    21 days...21 days 'til you kill it on stage...can't wait!


  2. oh my word,shut the front door!!!!!you look AMAZING!!!!!
    and show ready already!!!!
    i cant believe your transformation!
    your amazing!!!
    hang in there,these 21 days will fly by before you know it!!!!

    you are going to rock that stage!!!!!!

  3. I am agree with Melissa!!! So proud of you lady!