Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Are You Ready For This?

What day is it?

Goodness the past couple of days have flown by!

Ok. So. The competition……


The most fun part for me was winning being back stage with all my friends!  I have truly made some life long friends over the past couple of years through competing. 

We are all so comfortable with each other so backstage was laid back and everyone helped each other and cheered for each other.

I just can not say enough about the group of ladies that surround me.  It was so FREAKING FUN!!

Thursday Night

I went to yoga.


I thought it would help me mentally get focused and calm down a bit.  I did not think about the fact that I was cutting water and worn out.  The first sun salutation almost had me skinning my nose on the carpet! Luckily, I caught myself and didn’t fall but my legs got wobbly.  I couldn’t do any poses that required me to tip my head back or back bend.  Probably should have skipped yoga that night so close to the show.


Got all checked in to the host hotel and headed to registration.  Tionna also trained Tayarra (her sister) and Monica for this show.  We all stayed at the host hotel which made it fun and easy to stick together!


Next up my first coat of spray tan.

Then athlete’s meeting.  At the WBFF athlete’s meetings, competitors dress up.  Evidently, I forgot to brush my hair, but that green dress was a good distraction!  I LOVED that dress!


We relaxed Friday night and were up BRIGHT and EARLY Saturday morning.  I loved having Tionna there with me.  I hopped up at 5:30am to get my hair and makeup done and quickly got a text asking if I had brought food. crap.  Tionna to the rescue at 6am!  Have I mentioned how much I adore that girl? So. Much!

The beautiful girl in the above picture between Tayarra and I is Loni, she’s a KC Diva and great friend. She did our hair and makeup for the show (she also competed!).

The morning show started at 10:30am and I was up first.  I was soooo shaky on stage.  I couldn’t get control over it.  I must have shook it all out because the rest of the day was much better on stage.

I don’t have any of the professional pictures back yet and the ones my family took were super bright and blurry. Sad smile  Once the morning show was over, we all met up and headed back to the room to put our feet up and rest.IMG_4790


Loni came to the room and hung out after the morning show too and then touched up all our hair and makeup and then we were off to the venue for the night show.  Tionna is a pro so she was put to work handing out awards. 


She looked smokin’ hot in her dress!


Nothing would have been the same if I didn’t have the best group of girl friends to share it with!  I love each of these girls along with so many others that I didn’t manage to catch and get a picture with that night.


I ended up taking FIRST in Figure 35+ and SECOND in Figure Short. 


I also did the Fitness Diva category and didn’t place.  It was a fun experience though and I did it for Justin.


After the show, Tionna and I headed into the lobby to see our families and there stood my Mom!


She was supposed to be at a wedding and therefore not at the night show (she came to the morning show along with most of the rest of my family!!  SO AWESOME!) but when my sister texted her to let her know I won FIRST PLACE in one of the categories, her and my step dad hopped in the car and high tailed it over to the venue to congratulate me!!!  DOUBLE AWESOME!


Tionna and I headed to the after party and I really went all out! 


We SHARED a burger and some fries and SHARED a glass of wine! I just wasn’t hungry. I was soooo thirsty though! 


is a totally blur.  Tionna and I had family fun day.  I went with her to her nephew’s birthday party and she went with me to my brother’s BBQ. Justin stayed home.  I think he needed a break after being in a hotel room full of girls all weekend!  He is such a good sport though! Just goes with the flow.


I had a photo shoot lined up with a friend that is a photographer!  It was a blast.  It was also POURING down rain.  I had wanted to do outside shots but that was impossible.  So we met indoors and took some shots and then I put on my bikini and PLAYED IN THE RAIN!!!

It was soooo fun!


I was so pumped after that experience that I met Tionna at the gym and we trained legs!

Can’t wait to get those pictures!  I felt like a kid running around in the rain!

That was my weekend!

There are so many more pictures on Facebook.  Everyone is posting new stuff all the time.

Thank you for supporting me through this blog.  All your comments and kind words stay with me and inspire me to keep pushing.

Stay tuned….there more fun stuff happening this week!

Friday, May 24, 2013

One Day Out

Here I go…..

Early morning Vlog for your viewing pleasure!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

3 Days Out

Good Morning!

This was Monday.


These are the positive notes I have around the house.  A constant reminder.  THEY WORK!


When I walked in the door from training with Tionna, these were waiting for me.  One for me and one for Tionna!  Justin is the best!!


I spend the evening at the karate school where I used to train.  Man, did that feel good.  Not only did I get a warm welcoming by everyone, I had forgotten what a loving, energizing place it is.  I had the biggest smile plastered on my face the entire time.


I was just a spectator this time, but next time I think I’ll jump in!!

This was Tuesday.


Yesterday was Rough (with a capital R!).  I was emotional, sensitive, hateful and CRANKY!

Tionna did everything she could to keep me laughing! Our training session turned into a one hour pep talk.  I needed it more than the weights yesterday.

My Mom dropped by and brought a box of goodies in the afternoon.


It was such a fun surprise!!

I slept so good last!

And today is Wednesday.


The WBFF US Central Fitness Show is Saturday.

It’s time to start shedding the water and I am READY!  I feel so full and puffy.

I started this day with 45 minutes on the spin bike.


Today is my brazilian wax, tomorrow is nails and toes, friday is tanning and athlete’s meeting.

Let the fun begin!