Monday, April 8, 2013

Running Bliss

Happy Monday!

I had a FANTASTIC weekend!!!!  Hope you all did too!


What’s that?  A picture of food?  It’s a freaking miracle! (and it was delicious)

My weekend was filled with fitness, friends and family!


Trained legs with Tionna, then did a little shopping.


I got a smokin’ hot dress to wear in the photo shoot I am going to do right before the show.  I think I’ll also wear it to the athlete’s meeting.  I’ll be sure to post pictures.

Also on Friday, I met a new friend! (Hi Bobbi!)  Bobbi reads my blog and also lives in Kansas City, so I reached out to her and we met for some coffee.  Only, we got so busy talking right away, like we had known each other our whole life, we sat in the coffee shop for TWO HOURS and never ordered a thing!  Not one thing.

Now would be a really great place to insert a picture of Bobbi and I, only I didn’t take one! Doh!  I guess that just means we need to get together again so we can take a picture for the blog!


I met some of the KC Divas at the track for a Lunge marathon!  My buns were on FIRE!


So, evidently those are the only two pictures I took at the track.  Jessica eating grapefruit before we started and me on my way home. #blogfail

I started to crash Saturday afternoon.  I laid down and stayed down for several hours.  My body was spent.  I kind of felt drunk, light headed and off balance.  Definitely dehydrated.  I finally rallied in the evening, ate and downed the rest of my gallon of water. I felt much better but super tired.


Tionna has told me NO. MORE. RUNNING. 


Ya’ll know how I feel about that. When the sun is shining, this girl wants to RUN!!  I have been very good about not running. No sprints, nothing.  HIIT on the spin bike and lunges have been my cardio.

Buuuuuuut, the KC Divas planned a Sunday Funday to welcome back Spring at our favorite place and I was not going to miss it.  I whined and pouted and stomped my feet until Tionna gave me permission….


Well, that’s not exactly how the conversation went, but I was prepared to pull it all out.  I had to make promises about it being the last time, blah, blah, blah! 


Ooooooh my goodness…I ran my heart out!  It felt so GOOD!  I wanted to keep goooooooing. 

Heart pounding…………..……..sweat pouring………………..….gasping for air……………

I was in BLISS!

It’s in those moments that I am so thankful for my body.  Everything on the INSIDE.  The fact that I can push my lungs and my heart to the point of feeling it pound through my whole body, is amazing. I crave that feeling.

I do not take that for granted.  I am so thankful to be healthy.


I am also thankful to be surrounded by all these great people!

good food + exercise = happiness

And this whole group of people is one big ball of happiness!

Later Sunday afternoon, the family came over for dinner.  We grilled hamburgers and everyone brought sides. (I ate ground chicken with shredded brussel sprouts and broccoli slaw).


As everyone was leaving, we realized the next time we see each other will probably be at the hospital.


Bring on the baby!!!!


  1. Aw I got a shot out :) Definitely another coffee meeting is in order :) The fact that you can't run works for me (we can lunge our little hearts out!)


  2. Dress? Photo shoot? Athletes meeting? No running? OMG! I FEEL SO UNPREPARED!!! Sounds like me and T need to have a chat. I don't even know how to pose. (Freaking out a bit)