Friday, April 26, 2013


Oh my gosh…another freaking AMAZING DAY!


After getting everyone up and on their way in our group home, I headed down and trained with Tionna.


I haven’t been wearing my gloves much lately because I can never locate them when I need them!  I am kind of growing to love my calluses.  They give me something to pick at when I’m bored….or chew on…ewwww!

The word callus is such a weird word. Callus. Callus. Callus See? Weird. Callus.

It was such a gorgeous day, Tionna and I met back up and spent some time at the park walking and soaking up the sun.  We had big plans of taking some pictures so we both wore white jeans and cute shirts and then didn’t take one picture and just looked like teeny-boppers who want to match each other in public. #howembarrassing

Then it was off to yoga, where I got myself centered and worked on visualizing myself on stage.  I can’t tell you how much that helps!


Next up, spray tan because, as I’ve said before, everything looks better with a spray tan!  I think my ass even looks higher and tighter with a spray tan!  The girl who sprayed me will also be spraying me at the show (Channa at TanPerfekt) so we talked about how much glue it is going to take her to hide my ass in my suit!  She’s awesome and makes standing naked while she sprays me with freezing cold liquid fun and feel totally normal!

Back at home, I threw myself into cleaning and laundry.  My house is definitely suffering so I decided any extra energy I have while at home needs to be put toward cleaning SOMETHING every day.

Meals Yesterday (sorry not one picture!)

Meal #1: Protein pancake, 1 whole egg plus egg whites, MCT oil

Meal #2: Chicken breast, shredded brussel sprouts, broccoli slaw, MCT oil, Newman’s Own oil/vinegar

Meal #3: Egg whites, quinoa, stir fry zucchini, asparagus, mushrooms, MCT oil

Meal #4: Chicken breast, stir fry zucchini, asparagus, mushrooms, MCT oil

Meal #5: Chicken breast, brussel sprouts, broccoli slaw

It’s Friday, ya’ll!

Have a good one! See you tomorrow!!


  1. I hate myself for forgetting to read your blog everyday. Right now it makes the Dorito's I just ate feel disgusting, but that will totally help me at dinner when I choose something much better suited for a body I'm not embarrassed of. You are SO on track! Dying to see what you look like competition day. YOU GO GIRL! WOOT WOOT!