Friday, March 22, 2013

Sweat and Sports Bras



It’s been a month since my last post.  


Where did the time go?


Why didn’t anyone tell me?!!!


I hate that you have missed all my sweaty, 6am self portraits in sports bras.


Do you feel better now?


Does seeing those pictures make you want to dye your eyebrows and put some cream on your face?  Maybe take a shower?

Me too.

Besides taking pictures of myself, I have been enjoying our crazy Midwestern weather.  One day it is 70 and I am outside with friends (that’s Tionna!).


and then the next day it is 29 degrees and snowing, and I am OUTSIDE WITH FRIENDS!


I love it.  Every single second. Even if I can’t feel my face. I love it.

I also love that I am surrounded by such an amazing group of women that share my excitement for fitness! Being at the track at 6am, in the dark, when it’s 29 degrees, is so much fun with girlfriends!  Oh, the things we discuss during 400 meter lunges!

The other thing that I am loving again is YOGA!  Just what I need right now to keep myself centered and focused.

Enough about me.

My sister, Vann, is STILL pregnant (just kidding, Vann!) and we had her baby shower this month.


She is the cutest pregnant person EVER!!

Justin is still hanging in here with me and my craziness.  I’m not sure what I did to get so lucky to have him as my #1 fan.  I pretty much apologize and thank him everyday for putting up with me!


I can also say those same things about Tionna!  Somehow I have tricked her into still rooting for me.


Seriously, she had no idea what she got herself into.


Remember in 2011, when I cried during my workout?  Yeah, that happened again.

This week.

I’m still 9 weeks out!

I warned her that I’m a red-headed, Gemini, she better buckle up!  This ride is BUMPY.

Thanks for still being here, Friends!  Hope everyone is doing well with whatever goals you have set for yourself!


  1. Can you imagine the hormones trainers have to put up with??? Holy crap, I've never even thought of it like that. I have even more respect for T now. I'm hormonal and you are hormonal and I'm sure the rest of her crew shares in this too. Wow. Love the 6am sweaty pics!

  2. You are looking fan freaking tastic!

    And thank you :) I feel like a swollen, chubby mess most days :)

  3. These bras are fantastic. I wear them every day at work and when riding horses or working out. They are very comfy! I would definitely purchase