Monday, March 25, 2013


Yay it’s Monday!  A new week!


I am ready to kill it this week.  Tionna started me on a new workout last week but it was also my T.O.M, so my energy level was lower than normal, and I had that day where I cried the whole time, so I’m excited to do it with all my hormones in tact!

Friday night

I picked Tionna up and we stopped in at a Fundraiser for some friends and then headed out to a KC Diva dinner.  Where I did not take one picture! #bloggeroftheyear

Oh, except of my purple pants! (don’t worry, I did not wear those shoes Winking smile)


Luckily, Tionna did!


It was a fun night.  I stayed up until MIDNIGHT!  Can you believe it?!

Which made getting up to run the Diva Dash….

super FUN!


I hopped out of bed at 6:30am and was so disoriented, I hit brew on the Keurig with no coffee cup under it!  After finally getting some coffee in me, it was time to get going.  I had a 40 minute drive to the race.


It was FREEZING cold.  I had planned to walk/jog it with some of the girls but it was just too cold, I had to get moving and get warm. So, I took off!


As you can see, it was an easy run.  We pretty much look the same at the start and finish!  ha!

It was a good warm up for my leg workout.   Tionna and I planned to meet up at a regular, public gym (can you feel my anxiety level rising just typing those words?).  If you have been reading for a while, you know, I get the eeby-jeebies from public gyms. 


Not to mention, I can count on one hand how many times I have lifted weights in a regular gym so I have NO gym etiquette and am not used to working out with other people.

I am a total brat. I know this.

I am either in our home gym or the private gym where I work with Tionna.


But, for Tionna, I was willing to cover myself in hand sanitizer and enter the Place of Germs.  So, off I go to meet her when she calls and has blown a tire.  I headed down to help her…..or, eeerrmm, be with her while she helped herself because I have never changed a tire in my life!  Long story short, we talked a guy into coming with us from a tire shop and getting the tire off, put my spare on her car, got it back to the tire shop, put a new tire on her car and in the middle of all that a SNOW STORM was starting!

We both just had to laugh at the whole situation.  I really wish I would have taken a picture of how hard it was snowing.

We didn’t end up working out together but I went home to my gym and she went to hers and then we texted each other throughout the workout. ha!


I rested.  It felt so good to do absolutely nothing.  I watched movies, took an Epsom salt bath and was asleep just a little after 10pm.

Oh, and I sent in my measurements and pictures for a custom suit! eeep!

Now I am ready to get after this week!


  1. Custom suit?!?! Tell us more!!!


    1. I wish I had more to tell! I have never done this before so you guys can go through it with me! I'm thinking GREEN!!

  2. Okay seriously I REALLY think in that last pic you appear WEEKS ahead of where you appeared at this time LAST competition. Does that make sense?? You look amazing.

    Also, spying on your comment to Tenecia, I think Green is a good choice!!!!!