Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pretty Cool

I don’t even know how I ended up on this website this morning, but it’s pretty cool.

It’s the Greater Good Network.  You can buy stuff from different stores on their site and a portion goes toward that charity.

I was a little skeptical so I did some digging. I didn’t have to go very far.  The first two sites I looked at had good things to say about this site being legit but I still wanted to know HOW MUCH they pass on to the charities.

That’s when I found their Commercial Fundraiser Profile Report through the state of Washington.

Exactly what I needed to know. I’ll be making a purchase through them.

If I am going to buying athletic apparel, might as well help out some animals in the process.  I need to recommend this type of thing for our local shelters.  People don’t always think about making donations, but if you put a tshirt in front of their face or a hoody….SOLD! (I am guilty of this….obviously)

Oh dear, now I feel bad,  I better make a donation to the Parkville Animal Shelter while I am at it. (done.)

DONATE TO YOUR SHELTERS!  Especially, as Kansas City is bracing for a snow storm, my thoughts always go to the dogs and cats that are left outside in the cold and snow.  Sad smile


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