Thursday, January 3, 2013

Vision Board

Yesterday started off with a quick 2 mile run on the treadmill.


Followed by some oats with protein powder.


Until Next Year

Christmas has been taken down and the house is returning to normal.  While decorating for Christmas this year, I noticed there were quite a few things I didn’t put out, either because they were old or because my taste has changed.  So, while packing the decorations up, anything that was still in the tub that didn’t get used, got taken out and will be donated.

Vision Board

Last night, one of the KC Diva girls hosted a Vision Board night.


I have never done a vision board and last night was a lot of FUN!

We clipped magazines for hours while chatting away about our goals…..


and competing and exercising and boob jobs.


It was such a great night to share with some motivated, like minded women.


I hope you have your goals set for the new year!  Time to get to work on them!

Speaking of that….I need to go lift some weights.