Monday, January 14, 2013


Hope everyone had a great weekend!  We did!

It was cccccooold in Kansas City, which just makes for a good reason to get all bundled up in the fun scarves and hat I make and wear boots.

We took family pictures with my Mom and Stepdad’s side Saturday afternoon at Portrait Innovations.


Then we met up with some friends and ate dinner at Garozzo’s.  I forgot my phone at home, so didn’t take one picture at dinner! #bloggeroftheyear

I ordered the most healthy thing I could find, it was an Italian restaurant after all, and it was called “Mike’s Diet Chicken”.  How creative.  It was good though.  It was chicken breast and shrimp covered in tomatoes and basil.


Some of the KC Divas did a Bikram class.


Holy Smokes!  I have NEVER sweat so much in my life.  It is just as mental as it is physical.  The only goal for your first class is: STAY IN THE ROOM.  It is heated to 105 degrees.  I kept having to tell my self to “just breath”, “you are not going to die”, “keep breathing”. It’s an intense class.

You go through breathing exercises and then 26 poses which are done twice.  I managed to stay in the room but there was one whole set of poses where I just sat on my heels and then the next set I had to lay down. I was feeling the heat!

It was an amazing experience and I definitely want to do it again.

Back at home

Justin was cooking Chili when I walked in the door as we were having family dinner with my Dad and Stepmom’s side.


Everyone brought stuff and we had three different types of chili, all the toppings, cornbread, and desserts. (I steered clear of the dessert, but they looked yummy!)

It was a busy and fun weekend!


  1. I love Bikram! I don't get to do it as often as I would like but it is such a great experience every time I go.