Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It’s Called Winter

Yesterday started off with me doing a fat burner program on the elliptical.  Typically, I don’t see my elliptical as intense cardio, but with the incline up and the resistance at 15, my heart was pumping and the sweat was moving!

In case you don’t live in the Midwest, it is FRIGID right now.


Everyone is complaining…it’s too cloudy…it’s too cold…I get shocked every time I touch anything….waaaaah.


I’m not saying I never complain about anything, because the fact that it gets dark at 5:30pm is not my favorite part of winter, but complaining about the cold when there are plenty of places to live with year round warmth seems silly.

It’s called Winter, people. We get it every year.

These are the same people that are begging for summer and will promptly complain about the heat when it arrives.

Back to me.

I’m cold.

Oh, wait, I’m still trying to tell you about yesterday.

I was cold yesterday too.

But, not while I worked out with Tionna!  We did back and core and posing!  I am loving that she incorporates posing into every workout.  She gives me so much to think about and really keeps me engaged and how each exercise will change my body.


Meal #1:  Protein pancake, egg whites, grapefruit


Meal #2: Chicken breast, quinoa, green beans, mustard


Meal #3: Shrimp (seasoned with Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime), kale


Meal #4:  Chicken breast, shredded brussel sprouts with turkey bacon


Everyone had the day off around here yesterday so it feels good to be back to our routine this morning.

Hope everyone is getting after it this week and making every day count!


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