Monday, January 21, 2013

Cook and Rest

Yesterday was food prep day.  I felt like I cooked and cleaned ALL. DAY. LONG.


So worth it.

It feels good to have some of the meals done for the week. I don’t have every meal covered, but the Noon and 3pm meals are done and those are the hardest time of day for me.


Other than cooking food, I read a lot and soaked in a hot tub with jets.  Between the leg workout on Friday, (by the way, did I tell you I did a total of 120 lunges holding a 30lb dumb bell in each hand) and the trail/hill run on Saturday my glutes were screaming!

Love that feeling.


Meal #1: Protein pancake, egg whites, grapefruit

Meal #2: Chicken breast, quinoa, shredded brussel sprouts with turkey bacon


Meal #3: Chicken breast with regular mustard, kale chips


Meal #4: Salmon with spinach and iceberg lettuce and Newman’s Own Oil & Vinegar dressing.


Have a great start to your week!  See you tomorrow!


  1. My 1st and last meal are always the hardest for me. Wow, those squats would have my whole lower body burning.

    1. Good to know I am not the only one having rough times of the day. The goal is to have meals ready so I don't reach for CANDY or CHIPS! And yes, my lower body is STILL SORE! Good stuff!

  2. holy lunges,batman!!!!
    and omg-that mountain you ran!!!!i would stay all day in the hot tub!!!!!
    youve been putting in some great workouts here lately,and am loving your food pics,as always!
    keep the ball rolling chica,May will b here before you know it!

    1. Thanks Melissa! May is just around the corner!