Thursday, January 10, 2013

Caught by the Crud

Hi Friends!

2013 Competition prep is in full swing over here!  I had my first workout with my new trainer, Tionna Kuhnhoff.


New trainer news.

As most of you know, I have worked on and off with Diana Chaloux-LaCerte of Hitch Fit since 2009.  She let me know this year that she was not going to be training one on one anymore for competition prep and would hook me up with Tionna, also with Hitch Fit.  I knew of Tionna and I think her body speaks for itself.  The girl knows what she’s doing.

Well, Tionna recently left Hitch Fit.  The news sent me into a little bit of a panic.  I thought I was getting ready to go into a nice, comfy prep in the Hitch Fit gym, surrounded by familiarity.  Diana offered to hook me up with a guy trainer and while ALL the trainers at Hitch Fit are fantastic at what they do, my personal preference is to have a female trainer.  Plus, I was pretty excited about working with Tionna.

I met with Tionna and after two hours of chatting (probably could have sat there all night and talked to that girl!), I knew I wanted to stay with her.

Change is scary.

Maybe that’s just what I need.  I have a totally new outlook on this prep now.  A new EXCITEMENT!

Yesterday was our first workout together and it was AWESOME!  It felt good to be pushed again.

KC Divas

The KC Divas are still up to our regular workout shenanigans!  Last weekend we did a workout at my friend’s (Rudy Bears) gym, Caveman Crew MMA.


He is a MMA fighter and Ju Jitsu instructor.  When I asked him to do the class, I told him he could do whatever he wanted, but I DO NOT want to wrestle.


I do not enjoy having sweaty butts and armpits that belong to someone else all over my person!


No one cares what I think.

I caught the crud.

There is some nasty crud going around. Justin had it and then I had it WORSE!


I came home after that class on Saturday and went down hill fast. I messaged Rudy and let him know I probably just spread sickness all over his gym. Sad smile

Then I went to bed for 3 days where I had a killer sore throat, then a nasty cough and, finally, blew my nose 5,000 times a day.


I finally felt better yesterday but not 100%.  I worked out with Tionna because I was supposed to start Monday and had to cancel.  I knew I wasn’t contagious anymore so I wanted to get to work.

Now I am playing catch up around the house and trying to get everything CLEAN!   Anything that can fit in the washer, is going in and everything else is getting sprayed with Lysol!

I have a super busy weekend, so I need to get to it this morning!

See you tomorrow!



  1. New trainer!!! Exciting!! change is good sometimes, maybe hard to adjust at first, but I am sure you are in good hands. One on one training is the best :) You don't want a coach/trainer who has a million clients, that is just no good!!!

    Sorry you caught that cold!! Lots of nasties going around. This is when my germaphobia comes into full swing... constantly disenfecting and cleaning and hand sanitizing!


  2. Love the pictures of your furbabies!
    Sorry to hear you were sick, but glad you're almost back to 100%.
    Wowza, your trainer is in amazing shape! I bet she'll be able to teach you lots of killer moves! Exciting!!

  3. I want your trainer's bod... #thatisall