Thursday, December 6, 2012

Boring Blogger

I feel so BORING lately.


I am already obsessed with the competition in May.  I can’t waaaaaait!  I think about it A LOT. (Just ask Justin.)

I wore these pants to the track yesterday morning for a 5:45am workout.


They are pretty FANTASTIC!  I felt like I was glowing.

The girls went to the groomer and Sara needed to feel the wind in her ears on the ride home.


In other Sara news, our neighbors got a puppy and she is obsessed with playing with this puppy through the fence.  We had our back door open letting the girls run in and out since it was so nice outside and I look up to see Sara coming in with the PUPPY!!  Between the two of them, they dug a hole under our fence and Sara invited her in!  Sara was soooo happy about this little dog.  She was playing and smiling (Sara smiles!).  It was SO FUNNY!  Unfortunately, I had to go next door and let the neighbors know that I had their dog and she had to go home.

I went for my annual “physical” with the best doctor in the land and got told I’m too acidic and my Vitamin D is too low.  So, the usual.


Really need to work on those two things.  I’ll add that to my list.

Yesterday was also the one year anniversary of losing our Katy.  Miss that girl!

2011February 005

Better get downstairs and lift some weights!  It will be bikini time before I know it!


  1. Awesome pants & super cute pic of Sara feeling the wind in her ears. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks, Domestic Diva! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. Was just browsing through your blog :)
    That is a super cute workout outfit!

  3. What are you doing or what did your doc suggest to get your ph level more balanced and less acidic?

    1. More alkaline food, stay hydrated, back off the intense workouts (yeah, right!).

  4. Miss your posts! Hope you're having a great time enjoying Christmas with your family :)