Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Time is Flying

Well HELLO there.


How did it get to be Wednesday?


Time got away from me.

Let’s see, since I last posted….

I spent Thursday and Friday avoiding chocolate (T.O.M.).

I resurfaced on Saturday and got back to work.

I have eaten foods that look like this:


(The creamy dressing in the above picture is Walden Farms Blue Cheese dressing and is just okay.  It will do the trick when I am craving a blue cheese taste.)

I have done workouts that leave me looking like this:


My first week back on plan felt so good and got rid of 4 pounds.  I’m sure it was mostly water since I was also on my period, but that’s just the kind of momentum I needed!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and beginning of this week.

See you tomorrow!