Monday, November 19, 2012

Finding Balance

Man, sorry I keep disappearing.

As much as my body is responding to being back on plan. I struuuuuggled last week.  I had a lot of days where I was light headed every time I stood up and felt nauseous.  I was definitely having a reaction mentally and physically to less calories and carbs.  I have to push through those days and just know that it is a temporary feeling.  It’s hard when I am in the middle of it and I just want to grab a bag of chips and eat some tacos. (which I did both of those things last week. oomph)

I got all my cardio in because, let’s face it, I LOVE cardio!  Weights, meh.  I want the look that weights give me so I’ll do it, but I don’t love it like I do ANY type of cardio.

Must. Lift. Weights.


I just wanted to hang on the couch with my girls.


And crochet.  Which, obviously, I did. Way too much. Those are Christmas hats for the KC Divas.


I also decided it would be a good time to get into the doctor and get labs drawn.  I need to get back to being consistent with a good vitamin and Vitamin D supplement.  I’m sure my electrolytes are jacked.  I was craving a lot of salt last week.  I go back next week to get my results and see what I need to be taking.  My blood pressure always runs on the low side and then with decreasing my carbs, I’m messing with my sugar levels, so it’s no wonder I was light headed and nauseous.  I just need to get everything balanced back out.


Friday night, I went over to my Sister’s for my nephew’s birthday. No cake for me.


Saturday morning, I met some of the KC Divas at 6am for a workout.  Gosh, I love those girls.  We have so much fun while burning a ton of calories and even some practice walking/posing.


I ran home to clean up and eat before heading to a show in which three of the KC Divas were competing.


Back at home, it was time to throw a pie in the oven (which I bought at the store. booo.) so we could go to my Mom’s for Thanksgiving dinner!


From my Mom’s, we headed down to the Savoy Hotel where we spent the night!  This hotel was built in 1888 and is very cool.


It was wonderful to spend a night out and away from all the responsibility of our house.

We met up with some great friends to eat dinner and hang out for the night.


When we came home on Sunday, I made a pile of chicken because I ate way too much on Saturday and needed to get back on plan.


Hope everyone had a great weekend.

It’s Thanksgiving week!

I had a great day today. Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you about it!

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  1. You are looking pretty darn amazing lady! Keep up the hard work! Wishing I loved cardio as much as you do! ;)