Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Random Stuff

This is what I am looking at:


Today feels like Monday because yesterday I didn’t get out of my pajamas until 3:30pm (or brush my hair).  The girls felt the same way.


I got my new KC Diva hoodie on Sunday.  It’s a long sleeve, dry wick hoodie. I love it!



I got myself together and started my morning at the track running stairs.


It was steamy in Kansas City this morning, only about 70 degrees, but as soon as I started running, the sweat started pouring.  It felt good to sweat that kind of FULLY BODY sweat.  That kind where even my shins were sweating.

some Facebook stuff

A friend on Facebook posted something so funny the other day.  She was talking about trying to pull off a tight, sweaty sports bra after a shoulder workout and needing to take a break so she doesn’t panic!  I laughed so hard because I have SOOOO been there.  Only, it’s not just after a shoulder workout, it’s MOST workouts because I am so tired and sweaty.

That point where you have both arms crossed in front of you and the sports bra is at about chin level.  Oh man.  I have felt that panic!  Justin has even watched the craziness and been like, “What the hell? Do you need help?  Do you need to buy a bigger sports bra?”

Another friend posted about this:

PV Body

I signed up.  I am pretty excited to get my first package.  It shipped yesterday!

Also on the list of things I did today:

I ordered these from Zappos.

And these:

And these:

Oh boy.

Now I am trying to muster up the energy to get to the grocery store.  Shopping on Zappos is much more fun than shopping at the grocery store.

Oh! The countdown is on for when I start back up with Diana.  It’s this Friday!

I’m pumped to be on a plan again.

Probably why I am in the mood to buy workout stuff.

I am NOT excited about getting my body fat measured.  Time to face the music.

Funny Congratulations Ecard: Congratulations on losing the weight we were all pretending you didn't need to lose.

In honor of getting my body fat measured, I cooked an entire bag of tilapia last night and then ate some with roasted green beans.  I’m pretty sure I could feel my body fat dropping as I ate it.

See you tomorrow.


  1. LOL that some ecard is hilarious!

    also, i didnt realize you go back to diana friday! congrats! is it online?

    also also, im really glad when you said muster, you didnt say mustard. i follow a blogger who says muster all the time but she always types mustard. it is so weird LOL. its like that movie "girl interrupted" where the girl with the eating disorder is always talking about the kitchen in her new apartment her dad bought her and she brags about it having an eat in chicken, instead of an eat in kitchen.

    1. That's funny about the blogger typing "mustard".

      Yes, I start an online program with Diana on Friday!

  2. lol this whole post made me crakc up...heart I feel you about getting body fat measured..gulp i dont wanna either....havent been eating as clean as i SHOULD be...

    1. I went to the grocery store today and we always go to the same two check out ladies so they know us pretty well and, based on what I bought, the one I went to today asked me if I was training again. LOL! *shame* Evidently, there was a pretty drastic difference in what I bought today compared to what I have been buying!

  3. OH MAN.... I LOL'ed about the needing a break so you don't panic because I too have done that many many times and gotten the look from the hubby like I am a loony coon! Love it! Are you competing again??

    1. Yes! I am competing again. Next May, if not before, but definitely in the WBFF in May 2013!