Saturday, October 27, 2012

Preppin’ for 2013

Yesterday started with putting on my new outfit from PVBody and doing some cardio on the elliptical.


I was pretty nervous and anxious and EXCITED and anxious all morning because I had a Noon appointment with Diana.


Just walking back in that gym and feeling the energy of HitchFit set my nerves at ease.


Diana and I have worked together on and off since 2009 so she is such a source of comfort and positivity.  I trust her. We sat and talked for a bit about my goals and how she was going to help me reach them.

Time to swallow that big, fat pride pill

and strip down for measurements and pictures.

I wanted to cry a little bit.

I felt like I had failed.  And not just failed myself, but failed Diana and Justin….and all of YOU!

Those feelings were quickly replaced with a FIRE!  This is MY body.  I am not doing this for anyone else.  I made mistakes coming out of prep last time.  I will NOT make those same mistakes again.

Where I am now.

I am starting out 10 lbs heavier than I started my prep in 2011 and about the same body fat percentage, but I am starting four months earlier.


I feel pumped and READY!

The mental switch has been flipped to ON!

So, here I go!

Ready to take this journey with me again?


Oh, wait, I’m done yet, the day gets better.

So, I come home PUUUUUMPED.  Endorphins were pumping like I had just ran 5 miles!  I was ready to start prep immediately!  Get the camera. Let’s take some pictures so I can start my progress picture page for 2013.

Let’s do this.

And then I remembered, we were going out last night with Justin’s Dad and Stepmom before they head to Arizona for the Winter.


We went to our favorite wine place and did a tasting.


And then headed to an Italian restaurant that the four of us love.  I had chicken scallopini  with eggplant parmesan on the side instead of pasta.


Oh well. I’ll start prep tomorrow (which is TODAY)!



  1. oh i cant wait, I am right here supporting you from arizona!!!!

  2. I'm so excited for this! Lots of support from Texas!! :)

  3. Your in-laws are snow birds??? Where in AZ do they stay? If it's in Phoenix or Tucson and you visit them, you'll have to let me know. We could do a blogger "meet-up"!!! :)

    30 weeks....let's do the damn, thang!!!


    1. Ooooooh, we definitely need to do a meet up! They winter in Apache Junction so we fly into Phoenix! We definitely need to make this happen!

  4. heck yeah!im in!!!!!!!
    excited to follow you along from the east coast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. SO excited for you! I love your honesty, and as you know all too well, we share very similar struggles! It's good to know that we will be battling our demons together!!

  6. YAY!!!! so so so excited for you!!!