Thursday, October 11, 2012

Party Down

It’s pretty much party central over here.



We went to our favorite French restaurant Tuesday night, Café des Amis, in Parkville, after doing a wine tasting at our favorite wine place, Wines by Jennifer, also in Parkville.  We actually just go there to hang out with the people that run it, the wine is just a bonus!


I ordered the Bouillabaisse, which is the most delicious meal in the world.  It comes to the table in a pot that is about 550 degrees which leaves me no other choice than to promptly scald my tongue on the first bite!

Every. Single. Time.

I’m too excited. It’s so GOOD!


Justin’s family came over last night and he cooked steaks.


His Mom brought some fun party favors, like the hat in the picture below and necklaces for all of us.


After cooking us all steaks, we made him light his own candles and sing Happy Birthday to himself.


(Pay no attention to the trash hanging out of our cabinet in the picture below.)


It was a fun!  Lots of food and wine and laughs!

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