Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pants and a Party

Yesterday started with squeezing myself into my compression tights and heading to the track. 


I had read all the reviews so I knew what to expect when it came to getting them on.  You have to put these on like panty hose. Plus, you have to make sure they are aligned properly.


I really like them.  They felt great while I worked out and my knees felt amazing.  They hug around your knees. I could definitely tell.

It was 29 degrees when I got to the track.  I met up with three other girls and we did some work.


In our candy corn hats, of course.   

I felt great during the workout.  It was cold but we were moving and working so it didn’t feel that bad.  Back at home was a different story.

It took me two hours to get warmed up!

I should have worn more layers.  I had three layers on the top, but only my compression pants on the bottom.  I don’t know what I was thinking.

I ate a hot bowl of oatmeal with protein powder, some hot coffee, piled on the clothes and blankets.  Nothing was working.  I finally filled the tub with hot water and soaked in it, then hopped in bed and snuggled under the covers.  That finally worked! Geesh.

My older sister, Autumn, stopped by in the afternoon and chatted for a couple of hours and then last night I headed over to my younger sister, Vann’s house for a Halloween party.


That’s a picture of me with some of my brothers and sisters. From Left to Right: Donkey Kong, Flo from Progressive Insurance, 50’s Lady (I know, boring.), Macy’s Parade Staff - Balloon Handlers (see their giant balloons?!), Bun in the Oven and her Baker!


It was fun.  She had her house decorated beautifully and a huge spread of food.  I always have fun with my brothers and sisters.  We laugh so hard and get so loud. I love those people.


Meal #1: Gluten free oatmeal with protein powder


Meal #2: Two slices gluten free toast with natural peanut butter


Meal #3: Shrimp stir fry


Meal #4: Salmon with salad. I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture.  This was so good and looked so pretty on the plate.

Meal #5: Meatballs and veggies at Vann’s house.

I didn’t eat one bite of sugar at the party.


And they even had a fire pit with s’mores.  I definitely deserve a trophy!

Hope everyone had a great Saturday!

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  1. WAY TO GO NOT EATING SUGAR! it all tasted like shit anyway ;)