Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More Random Stuff

Let’s talk about Nail Polish

One of my purchases at the Holiday Mart, last Saturday, was some nail polish pens.


There was a discount if you bought three so I had a little girl in mind that I could give one to for Christmas and then I wanted one for our house and I figured I would find someone else to give the other one to around Christmas.


I am having way too much fun with them.


I bought two primary packs for gifts to give to others and then bought an iridescent pack for our house.


I practiced on my nails with the pack I had bought for our house and then did the nails of the girl who lives with us and ended up breaking into one of the primary packs I had meant to give away!

Oops. Looks like only one pack is making out of our house as a gift and Vann has already spoken for it, so I might have to order some more of these!

Check it out:

Each pen has two colors.


You can screw them apart.


Then unscrew the cap and use them like regular polish.


Or leave them screwed together and pull the top of the cap off and use them as a pen!



For the past two days, I have done the nails of the girls who lives with us to match her outfit.

By putting a thin base coat on and then decorating on top of that, it comes off super easy the next morning so I can change her polish to match whatever she is wearing.

Enough about nail polish….

Our neighbors either got a new dog or are fostering because a labra-doodle showed up in the yard behind ours and our dogs had a fit.


They were obsessed with this dog.


Which only means they wanted to stare through the fence at the dog and bark at it.


They were driving me crazy.


I would make them come in because they were barking too much, then they would cry to get out, which I would cave and do and then they would go straight to the fence and start barking again!


I managed to make it

to the grocery store.


And the lady who checked my groceries, who knows us from years of working there, asked me if I was training again. Awkward.

Or more like, em-barra-ssing.  She was there through all of my previous training, so when I plopped all the chicken, turkey, fish, veggies and sweet potatoes on the belt, I guess it was pretty obvious.

I came home and ate tilapia with fiesta lime Mrs. Dash and roasted green beans.


I better get busy.  I have jacked around with this post for way too long and now I have ran out of time to do cardio before getting everyone moving in the house.

See you tomorrow!


  1. i will still pay for them if you want me to!! i cant wait to use them!

    sara and piper are so tough behind a fence! :)

    1. I know. Sara and Piper would sit shaking on my lap if that dog came over for a visit.