Sunday, October 21, 2012

Marathon and Shopping


I was up and moving early yesterday morning as my younger brother, James, was running in the Kansas City Marathon.  This year, he opted for the half marathon because he got injured last winter/spring and is still having some issues off and on.


This year was even more exciting because his new girlfriend ran it with him and it was the first time I got to meet her!


She is a doll!


After their run, we all grabbed some brunch at Panera's and then my Mom, Autumn and I split from the group and went to the Holiday Mart at the Kansas City Convention Center.

I wish I had really great picture right here, but I totally forgot to take ONE picture!


I even had my big camera with me.




(Pay no attention to the suitcases in the hallway that are still unpacked.)

It was fun.  I got some good stuff and we were all pooped after about 3 hours.

The place was packed and I think just the overwhelming number of people in one place is what was the most exhausting.

Hope you guys had a fun Saturday.  It was Gaaahgeous here in Kansas City.


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