Friday, October 12, 2012

Darkness and Doors

Yesterday started with a daaarrrk track workout!


I met a couple of KC Diva girls there and ran stairs, lunged for 400 meters, ran more stairs, jogged a lap, ran more stairs, bunny hopped some stairs, and RAN MORE STAIRS!

It was fun and all done before 7am!


The rest of the day was spent doing laundry and eating M&M’s!

I blame Justin.

He played golf and left me alone with a bag of M&M’s.

A friend of ours owns Quality Home Concepts and came by to give us an estimate for installing a dutch door!

We are also going to change our back door!

Something like the picture above.

We’ve got doors on the brain lately!

All about making our lives easier and our front and back doors drive us crazy (especially with animals!).

I’m off to get this day started!  Busy, Busy around here!

We are about to say good bye to scarves and boots and hello to swim suits and flip flops!


  1. Umm... the M&Ms were purchased without my knowledge and I refuse to take the blame for them.

  2. track work!how fun!!!!
    and even funner in the dark!
    and lol about the m&m's...