Friday, September 21, 2012

Two Weeks!

Now, where was I…..

Oh, yes, Monday.  I was curling up with my heating pad!  That was TWO WEEKS ago!

Oh boy, settle in, Friends.  Go to the bathroom, refresh your coffee…this is a long one!


Asian glazed chicken thighs, adapted from this recipe.


I watched these two little schnauzers while their Dad played golf with Justin and his Dad.  I could have kept them forever!  But, they are pretty in love with their Dad and he with them, so I let them go. (like the choice was mine!)  They let me distract them from time to time by playing outside and snuggles but they were pretty fixated on the door he walked out of and when he returned 4 hours later, they showered him with love like he had been gone for a month!


Thursday was a day that truly felt like Fall in Kansas City so I went running for boots and scarves, trying to recreate every fall outfit I have pinned on Pinterest! 

PicMonkey Collage

Friday, Sara got curious about a bag and then wore the bag.  (don’t worry I quickly removed it AFTER getting the picture)


Saturday, I did a track workout with friends.


Sunday, I did a workout with some of the KC Diva girls.

And that brings us to this week.

I felt great during the workout on Sunday, but by Sunday afternoon my right knee felt tight and not quite right.  When I woke up Monday morning, it still felt a little “off” but I didn’t think too much about it.


So, I ran 4 miles. (In my KC Divas tank!).  Big mistake.  By Monday afternoon, I was limping.

By Tuesday, I was icing.


By Wednesday, Justin had banned me from walking, which made Sara punish me by laying on clothes fresh out of the dryer. (Look at Brutis. He is such a bully to Sara.  I made him get down AFTER I took the picture!)


I felt better yesterday, which just means I ran around too much and feel it this morning.  The girls of Junky Munky (the ones I sell my hats too and then they embellish them and sell them), they have a space of their very own in a boutique called LuLu’s.  It is one of those places where you can bring in gently used and seasonal appropriate clothing and get cash or store credit!


I went to their grand opening last night and it was a lot of fun to see my friends and even some of my hats with their added touch!  I got some cute stuff.


They also embellish ball caps and here is one of them.  It is even cuter in person as you can’t see all the embroidery they have done in the picture.

So, that’s what I have been up to over the past couple of weeks!

See you tomorrow (hopefully!).


  1. wow!loved all he pics,and how cool about your hats!hate to hear about the knee issues-hopefully all will resolve soon!love that you got in some good workouts. omgosh i am going to try that recipe!!
    have a good weekend!

  2. Welcome back :)
    Take care of that knee for sure! (If I can go all personal trainer on you for a sec, I would suggest using the bike or elliptical until you are sure it's 100% again.)
    Love the hat & that is such a cute pic of you too!
    Our kitten bullies both our 10 pound mini doxie AND our 85 pound lab. SHE is a mess!