Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hit by the Cranky Bus

It’s Saturday!

It’s Raining!

It’s September 1st!

It’s a Holiday Weekend!

Sara woke me up at 4:40am!




I had another successful NO SUGAR day.  It was DAY TWO.

Sugar withdrawal is no joke, People.

I felt kind of foggy and tired yesterday.  I actually got a lot done because I was trying to keep myself busy.  It wasn’t until around 3pm that I got hit by the cranky bus.  I took a nap and was still pretty cranky and irritable.  I also had a faint headache for a couple of hours.

Things I am doing to not be fixated on eating sugar:

  • Drinking a gallon of water each day.
  • Eating protein with every meal.
  • Staying busy.
  • Exercising.

I started the day

with a 3 mile run and then grabbed the girls and walked two more miles.  Justin and I headed downstairs later in the morning and lifted weights.


(Ryan’s shoulder move)

This is the “Old Standby” because it’s what I do when I don’t really feel like working out.  I can use 3 sets of dumb bells, so I’m not moving a bunch of weight around the room or adjusting cables or moving the bench around.  I grab the dumb bells and get to work. 

I wasn’t even going to lift weights yesterday because it was supposed to be my leg day, and today and tomorrow are big leg/cardio days with girlfriends so I didn’t want my legs to be too tired; but when Justin mentioned he was going down to the weight room, I jumped on the chance to join him.

Next week, I’ll be smarter about it and do legs earlier in the week so all my body parts get hit.


Meal #1: Oats with protein powder


Meal #2: Egg whites and gluten free toast with butter


Meal #3: Left over soup (this picture is from the day before, the leftovers were about 1/2 that…tear)


Meal #4: Gluten free toast with Natural peanut butter


Meal #5: Filet Mignon, asparagus, mushrooms and onion


(my steak was butterflied because I am a big fat wimp and can’t take very much pink in the middle)

Let me just tell you, Justin cooks the best steaks on the planet.  He starts them on the stove top in a cast iron skillet (heated as high as the stove will go) and finishes them in the oven (at 500 degrees).  It’s quite the ordeal.  Our neighbors probably think our house is on fire! We have to open windows and doors and get the perfect air tunnel going, otherwise the house fills with smoke, but it’s worth it!

The true trick, though, is he lets them get room temperature and has mastered the perfect amount of Safflower oil and salt.  That is really the key.

Once he pulled the steaks out of the skillet we threw the onions, mushrooms and asparagus right in that same pan with all the meat juices!  I was moaning through the whole meal!

Hope everyone has a FABulous Saturday!


  1. No, the key is the super-hot cast iron skillet and a nice piece of beef to start. Everything else is just bonus.

  2. Yum! Everything looks delicious specially the steak!

    I bow to you for your no sugar challenge! Keep it up!