Thursday, September 6, 2012


Yesterday started with a 30 minute walk with the girls.  For some reason, I have not felt like running this week.  I LOVE running so I’m not sure where my oomph has gone but it better be on it’s way back.


I NEED those endorphins.  Today is Thursday and I haven’t lifted weights this week.  Instead of lifting yesterday, I zoned out in Pinterest land.

Fall Wreath

Everyone is pinning fall decoration ideas right now, so I was pumped to make a wreath.   I headed up to Michael’s to gather supplies.


I had never made a wreath, so I really wasn’t sure what all I would need.  I ended up not using some of the supplies I bought, but I’m sure I can use it in another Pinterest project down the road.


After taking the picture and seeing that area with no cream flowers, I am going to make a little sign that says “It’s Fall, Ya’ll!” (saw that on Pinterest too) and put it in there.  I probably should have waited until I was completely finished before posting a picture, but I got excited, Ya’ll!

I bought the over-the-door hanger at Michael’s also.

The wreath base, I purchased one of the grapevine wreaths, along with all the flowers were 40% off!

On my way home, I stopped at Noodles & Co. and grabbed some noodle bowls.


Regular size Pad Thai = 2 meals!

The rest of the day was work stuff, dinner and then Big Brother!

Okay, I’m off to Pilates!  Have a great day!


  1. I love the wreath! You're so talented.

    Hope you had a great Pilates class!

  2. Love it! You did an awesome job! Is there an Etsy shop in your future? ;)
    The hanger is gorgeous too! I feel that I may need one of those!!