Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Work, Work, Work

Good Morning, Friends!


We are having some beautiful weather in Kansas City this week.  It’s like, kids go back to school and, boom, it’s Fall.  It was so nice last night, Brutis slept in the screened in porch.

I am jealous of him sleeping out there.  I would love to sleep out there, but then I think of the bugs and spiders and go running for my bed.  Which, according to the news, may not be safe anymore either.  Evidently, spiders are in abundance right now and headed into our homes!

Also in the news, chocolate has antioxidants and eggs are bad for you.  Inform-a-tive.


Justin played golf and I worked.

Well, I worked on my Pinterest Boards.

I really want a Michael Kors watch. A gold one.  Dillards sells them, if anyone wants to grab me one. And all those bracelets.

Michael Kors Wrist Candy

I really want to make a tshirt scarf:

T-shirt scarf.

a stenciled pillow:

Make your own stenciled pillow.

and a scarf with an inspirational saying:

Cool idea - Personalized scarf. I am definitely making!

While we are talking about laziness,

When I was shopping with my Friend, Noreen, on Saturday, she told me about this phone app called Viggle.

You check-in to TV shows you are watching, earn points and get rewarded with gift cards.

Whaaaaat?   One of our TVs are on 24 hours a day. Why am I just learning about this app?

I may not be sitting and watching TV all day, but it’s on, somewhere.  I checked-in to EVERYTHING yesterday….The View, The Chew, The Talk, Worlds Worst Tenant…if it was on, I checked-in and ended up earning over 300 points.

We are going to own Viggle!

One of the reward cards is for Facebook. You know, so you can buy stuff for all those stupid little games that want you to pay actual money!  I’m pretty excited about that because my Monster World and Happy Hospital could really use some improvements.

Workouts and Food

No workout, but you KNOW I ate some food!

Meal #1: Gluten free toast with peanut butter, honey and a banana


Meal #2: Quinoa, turkey/zucchini meat balls with roasted broccoli.


Meal #3: Snickers bar

Meal #4: Mini meat loaf (with shredded squash) and roasted broccoli


In an effort to not sit on my ass all day, I am lacing up my shoes and going for a run right now and then I’m going to walk the dogs and then I’m going to lift weights.

Check back tomorrow to see if that actually happened! (oh, I hope it did.)


  1. I HATE SPIDERS. THEY MAKE ME GAG. i have seen 3 in 2 days in my home. it makes me want to cry. but mostly gag.

    i want a michael kors watch too! i never ever wear watches though, so i am a little concerned with wearing it. but they look so pretty! i want a gold or bronze one!

    tmorrow i am making zucchini boats for dinnner!

  2. I would like to place an order for one t-shirt scarf & one inspirational saying scarf. You can email me the :)