Monday, August 6, 2012

Shout Out to Monday

Hi Friends!

It’s the start of another new week!  I can’t believe it’s already August 6th.   Some schools have even started back up.  Eeek.  I don’t want to let summer goooooo.


In other news……I have decided to compete again next spring! 

2011May 013

By then, it will have been two years since I competed so I am going to need the next 9 months to get my body back!  I am feeling myself get stagnant and I don’t like it.

I need direction and a goal!

This past week wasn’t too exciting.  I managed to wait until Friday to workout.  And then I got excited about how good it felt and now I can hardly walk.

Friday, I went to Title Boxing and then lifted weights.


Saturday, I met a friend and ran stairs at a nearby college.


Sunday, I helped my sister move.  I was so tired last night!

Throughout the week, I ate things like:








You know I had to get my mind right over a cup of frozen yogurt!  I’m good now. I’m ready to focus.

We are going to Cozumel in October so that’s my first goal line.  I’ll spend the next couple of months dropping body fat. Then I’ll have the rest of October through January to work on building muscle. Then it will be time to hook up with Diana and cut for the show in May!

I’m sooooo excited!  I am looking forward to taking my body to the edge again and the thrill of the stage!

Of course, Justin is on board (he’s always on board!).  Wish us luck, as you know, this is a team effort!



  1. Ahhhh! I'm so excited to hear you're going to compete again! Yay!!

  2. YAY! How exciting! Can't wait to follow your prep love!! I've decided to compete again in May and hopefully qualify for provincials!!! whoop whoop lets do this!

  3. Wow i am so happy for you and you totally are going to rock it!! I am going to Hawaii the same week you're going to Mexico so we can both work this together!! My goal is to drop a few before I leave!!!


  4. How awesome Stacy!! Look forward to following your progress. Happy Anniversary to you and Justin.