Saturday, August 18, 2012

Self Portraits

Today started with meeting some AWESOME girls at the track where we ran stairs and did lunges and talked girl talk.  Stuff like how flappy our boobs get during competition prep, saggy butts and hanging skin.  And then we did some more lunges and stairs.


That is our after shot and then I said, “Oh wait. We need to get the stairs behind us.”



If there is ever a competition for the most unflattering personal photos, I will win.


I managed to get a run in and walk the dogs before I entered cramp hell.  I had planned to go to Pilates but that did not happen.


And then Justin and I went to the grocery store, bought junk food and blamed it on my period.

We had one good meal the whole day and that was when Justin cooked us steaks and salad with blue cheese dressing.  It was sooo good!

Yesterday looked like this



I took TWO baths, ate pizza, Ibuprofen, brownies and candy.

Lucky Me. Don’t be jealous.

Back to today

Still not feeling 100%, but better since I got my endorphins pumping at the track and some peanut butter toast.

Now, I’m watching Crazy, Stupid, Love.  It’s on HBO right now and is a great movie!

See you tomorrow!



  1. sounds like a great track/stair workout!!!im uber jealous!!!

    hope you feel back to 100% soon!!!!

  2. Thank goodness! I thought I was the only one with those pre-comp "issues," lol!
    And pizza, brownies, & candy....oh yes please!